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day we left, we had absolutely beautiful weather. SCIC members participated in the chapter fair and helped in different activities at the rally. I feel the rally was a great success despite the weather conditions.

NEWSLETTER! It will only be “newsy” and interesting if you contribute. Send articles and any other interesting tidbits to:

SCIC members worked as Spartan Ambassadors’ at the Spartan display at Albuquerque and were very successful in getting new members. I want to thank everyone that volunteered to work the booth. I closed the booth down many times because of the weather - the wind blew, it rained, it snowed, and the sun came out sometimes all on the same day. It was weather experience that I hope we do not go through again. The weather played a major part in all our activities throughout the week. It was the first time I have ever cleaned snow off the coach so we could get the slides in!

Donna Beck SCICnews@dbeck.net

Chapter Business Meeting: At our business meeting in Albuquerque, we adopted new By-Laws and created a set of Standing Rules. The minutes from the meeting, the new By-Laws and the Standing Rules are posted on the SCIC website, www.spartanfmca.com, click on the Chapter Info tab. You can read the minutes, etc. online, download the file or print the files.

The Chapter By-Laws were revised and Chapter Standing Rules were written and approved at the convention business meeting. The Chapter By-Laws, Standing Rules, and meeting minutes are available to download and print on our website.

Good News…

I feel the chapter business meeting went really well by having it in a seminar room. The ability to show on the overhead screen things that are being discussed and make changes instantly was a real plus. I have scheduled a seminar room for the chapter business meeting in Redmond, looking forward to seeing everyone there.

[…..new Standing Rule #6….with this, non-SCIC members will have to pay an added $40 to attend a SCIC rally…..]

I would like to highlight the new Standing Rule #6. Instead of chapter donating $2000.00 to each post rally, the chapter wants to sponsor more social events for our members and a method to do that is to have more rallies. Any of you that want to have a SCIC rally all you have to do is let us know and we will advertise it on our website for a minimum of 60 days in advance and have a minimum of 15 SCIC members sign up plus hosts and the rally will receive $40.00 per SCIC member to help offset rally costs. This also means that non-SCIC members will have to pay an additional $40.00 to attend a SCIC rally. The reasoning behind Standing Rule #6 is members have asked about having a SCIC rally other than the post rally and I needed direction on how to help with chapter funds. This gives SCIC the ability to sponsor a rally (social event) all over the United States and Canada.

Volunteers Needed: Through the years we have joined a number of chapters and have found that the ones we enjoy the most are the chapters where we are not just participants, but volunteers. Volunteering whether it is helping set up for a meal, cleaning up or being a co-host, gives us a chance to meet and work with new people, expanded our “extended family” as well providing insight into chapter operations.

Scott Brady has volunteered to be the host for the post rallies after the FMCA conventions in 2011. We need volunteers to be co-hosts for the rallies. The winter convention will be held in Perry, GA, March 14-17, 2011 and the summer convention will be in Madison, WI August 10-13, 2011.

Spartan Chassis knows that those who own and drive their units are the best people to

Spartan Chassis International Club

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