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Note to the Reader

Searching for Sustainability: Value Cre- ation in an Era of Diminished Expecta- tions is the eleventh annual report in the Value Creators series published by The Boston Consulting Group. Each year, we publish detailed em- pirical rankings of the stock market performance of the world’s top value creators and distill managerial les- sons from their success. We also highlight key trends in the global economy and world capital markets and describe how these trends are likely to shape future priorities for value creation. Finally, we share our latest analytical tools and client ex- periences to help companies better manage value creation.

This year’s report addresses the chal- lenges of consistently delivering above-average shareholder value over long periods of time—what we call sustainable value creation. The re- port draws lessons from the world’s top sustainable value creators of the past decade and describes an ap- proach companies can use to deter- mine their potential to deliver sus- tainable shareholder value in the future.

Acknowledgments This report is a product of BCG’s Corporate Development practice. The authors would like to acknowl- edge the contributions of the follow- ing global experts in corporate devel- opment:

Andrew Clark, a senior partner and managing director in the firm’s Auck- land office and the leader of the Cor- porate Development practice in Asia- Pacific

Gerry Hansell, a senior partner and managing director in the firm’s Chi- cago office and the leader of the Cor- porate Development practice in the Americas

Jérôme Hervé, a partner and man- aging director in the firm’s Paris of- fice and the leader of the Corporate Development practice in Europe

Lars-Uwe Luther, a partner and managing director in the firm’s Ber- lin office and the global head of mar- keting for the Corporate Develop- ment practice

Brett Schiedermayer, the managing director of the BCG ValueScience Center in South San Francisco, Cali- fornia—a research center that devel- ops leading-edge valuation tools and techniques for M&A and corporate- strategy applications

Giesbert, Martin Link, Corinna Nie- bling, and Dirk Schilder of BCG’s Mu- nich-based Value Creators research team for their contributions to the research; and Barry Adler, Katherine Andrews, Gary Callahan, Angela DiBattista, Kim Friedman, Pamela Gilfond, and Sara Strassenreiter for their contributions to the editing, de- sign, and production of the report.

For Further Contact For further information about the re- port or to learn more about BCG’s capabilities in corporate develop- ment and value management, you may contact the authors.

Eric Olsen Senior Partner and Managing Director BCG Chicago +1 312 993 3300 olsen.eric@bcg.com

Frank Plaschke Partner and Managing Director BCG Munich +49 89 23 17 40 plaschke.frank@bcg.com

Daniel Stelter Senior Partner and Managing Director BCG Berlin +49 30 28 87 10 stelter.daniel@bcg.com

The authors would also like to thank Robert Howard for his contributions to the writing of the report; Lisa

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