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Although a laudable goal, sustainable value creation is extremely difficult to deliver.

  • Few companies are able to beat the market average year aer year

  • Consistently delivering superior value requires know- ing how to identify the most appropriate pathway to sustainability, given a company’s starting point in the capital markets, its competitive position, and the dy- namics of its industry

  • It also requires knowing when a particular pathway has played itself out and a shito a different strategy for sustainability is necessary

This year’s Value Creators report focuses on how companies can achieve sustainable value creation.

  • We introduce a new ranking that identifies the world’s top 25 sustainable value creators over the past decade

  • We draw lessons from the experience of those compa- nies to describe four pathways to achieving sustain- ability

  • We describe practical steps that senior executives can take to begin defining their own strategy for achieving sustainable value creation, using a new analytical tool that we call the TSR sustainability matrix

  • We conclude with extensive rankings of the top value creators worldwide for the five-year period from 2004 through 2008

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About the Authors Eric Olsen is a senior partner and managing director in the Chicago office of The Boston Consulting Group and the firm’s global leader for shareholder value management; you may contact him by e-mail at olsen.eric@bcg.com. Frank Plaschke is a partner and managing director in BCG’s Munich office and the leader of the Value Creators research team; you may contact him by e-mail at plaschke.frank@bcg.com. Daniel Stelter is a senior partner and managing director in the firm’s Berlin office and the global leader of BCG’s Corporate Development practice; you may contact him by e-mail at stelter.daniel@bcg.com.

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