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June 11, 2003

  • Caroline SIMARD and Joel WEST: The Role of Founder Ties in the Formation of San Diego's "Wireless Valley".

  • Michael S. DAHL and Bent DALUM and Christian Ø.R. PEDERSEN : New Firm Formation and Inherited Organizational Capabilities Analyzing Modes of Entry in a High-tech Cluster.

  • Martin FRANSMAN : Knowledge and Industry Evolution: The Mobile communications Industry evolved largely by getting things wrong.

Discussant 1: Timothy M. DEVINNEY Discussant 2: John RICE

Parallel Session 4-5: Localized Knowledge and Cluster Dynamics 2. Chair: Henrik SORNN-FRIESE

  • Dominic POWER and Mats LUNDMARK : Working through Knowledge Pools: Labour Market Dynamics, the Transference of Knowledge and Ideas, and Industrial Clusters.

  • Tod RUTHERFORD: Into the Hidden Abode: Industrial Relations, Labour Unions and Innovation.

  • Silvia Rita SEDITA : Back to "Tribal Fires"? Explicit and Tacit Knowledge, Formal and Informal Learning, Towards A New Learning Ecosystem.

Discussant 1: Fabrice GALIA Discussant 2: David DOLOREUX

Parallel Session 4-6: Absorptive Capacity Chair: Thomas BRENNER

  • Tine AAGE: Absorptive Capabilities in Industrial Districts: The Role of Knowledge Creation and Learning and Boundary Spanning Mechanisms.

  • Cinzia DAL ZOTTO: Absorptive Capacity and Knowledge Transfer between Venture Capital Firms and their Portfolio Companies

  • Mette Præst KNUDSEN and Max VON ZEDTWITZ : Transferring Capacity: The Flipside of Absorptive Capacity

Discussant 1: Torben PEDERSEN Discussant 2 Margarida FONTES

Coffee break


Parallel Session 5-1: Patents as Strategic Assets Chair: Peter LOTZ

  • Christian BESSY and Eric BROUSSEAU: The Governance of Intellectual Property Rights: Patents and Copyrights in France and in the US. [Lead Paper]

  • Markus REITZIG, Joachim HENKEL and Christopher HEATH: Who really profits from patent infringements?

  • Stuart. J.H. GRAHAM: Hiding the patent’s shadow: Firms’ use of secrecy to capture value from new discoveries

Discussant 1: Lee DAVIS Discussant 2: Kristina DAHLIN

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