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June 11, 2003

  • Federico MUNARI, Raffaele ORIANI and Filippo C. WEZEL: The two sides of the coin: The impact of technological change and demand heterogeneity on industry evolution: Evidence from the swiss watch industry

  • Carlos CARREIRA & Paulino TEIXEIRA: Does Schumpeterian Creative destruction lead to higher productivity? Evidence on entry and exit in Portugese manufacturing

Discussant 1: Max VON ZEDTWITZ Discussant 2: Anders MALMBERG

Parallel Session 3-2: Economic Perspectives on Technological Innovation Chair: Stéphane SAUSSIER

  • Thomas ÅSTEBRO and Kristina DAHLIN: Effects of expected demand, technological opportunity, appropriability and competitive conditions on innovation commercialization [Lead Paper]

  • Toke REICHSTEIN and Morten Berg JENSEN: Analysing the distribution of the stochastic firm growth approach

  • Corinne AUTANT-BERNARD : Specialisation, Diversity and Geographical Diffusion of Knowledge

Discussant 1: Sanghoon AHN Discussant 2: Giovanni DOSI

Parallel Session 3-3: MNE-Foreing Direct Investment Chair: Per VEJRUP-HANSEN

  • Dana MINBAEVA and Torben PEDERSEN and Ingmar BJÖRKMAN and Carl F. FEY and Hyeon Jeong PARK : MNC Knowledge Transfer, Subsidiary Absorptive Capacity and HRM

  • Cees VAN BEERS and Bert M. SADOWSKI : The Innovation Performance of Foreign Affiliates: Evidence from Dutch Manufacturing Firms

  • Anabel MARIN and Martin BELL : Technological Spill-overs from Foreign Direct Investment (FDI): an exploration of the active role of MNC subsidiaries in the case of Argentina in the 1990s

Discussant 1: John CANTWELL Discussant 2 Jean-Francois SATTIN

Parallel Session 3-4: Policy Perspectives Chair: Ron CRAWFORD

  • Åge MARIUSSEN and Bjørn T. ASHEIM: New Forms of Knowledge Governance. Basic Outline of a Social System Approach to Innovation Policy [Lead Paper]

  • Kaisa LÄHTEENMÄKI-SMITH: Innovation Through Programming? The Finnish Centres of Expertise Programme as an Instrument of Networking and Knowledge Building

  • Kenneth I. CARLAW and Amir PIRICH and Amanda TULLETT : Enterprising Intellectual Property: Enabling Exit of Scientific and Technological Knowledge from Publicly Funded Science and Technology Systems.

Discussant 1: Morris TEUBAL Discussant 2: Meric S. GERTLER

Chair: Pierre THERRIEN

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