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    To rename the file youʼve uploaded, click on the Rename link below the file name and replace the current name with the desired name. To save your changes, click anywhere outside the file name text field.

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    To remove an uploaded file from the wiki, select the check box next to the fileʼs name and click on the Delete button on the Pages & Files page.

You can also upload files while editing a wiki page by clicking on the Images and files tab on the right side of the page and clicking on Upload files to locate the file you want to upload.

Adding Images To add an image to a wiki page:

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    Upload the image file (see the previous section).

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    Click on the Edit tab to open the wiki page for editing and place the cursor where you want to add the image on the page.

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    Click on the image you want to insert in the Images and files tab on the right side of the page. This will add the image to your page.

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    To resize the image, drag on the handles that appear when you select it on the wiki page. You can also reposition the image by dragging it to another location on the page.

Creating Hyperlinks To add a link on a PBworks page:

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    Select the text you want to turn into a link.

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    Click on the Insert/Edit Link button in the toolbar.

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    Select the Link Type at the top of the Insert Link popup window:

    • PBworks Page; select the page using the Page pulldown menu.

    • PWworks File: select a file using the File pulldown menu.

    • PBworks Folder: select the folder using the Folder pulldown menu.

    • Web Page: select URL as the Link Type and enter the address of the page in the URL field.

    • Email: enter the email address in the field at the bottom of the popup window.

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    Click on OK to add the link to the page. If you need to edit the link, select the link

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text and click on the Insert/Edit Link button. This will open the Insert Link popup window where you can make your changes.

A quick way to add a link to another wiki page on your wiki site is by selecting the link text and clicking on the page you want to link to in the Images and files list that appears to the right of every wiki page while youʼre in Edit mode.

Inserting a Table A table can be used to align text using columns. To add a table to any PWworks page:

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    Place your cursor where you want to insert the table.

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    Click on the Insert/Edit Table button in the toolbar.

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    Enter the number of columns and rows and the table width, and set other table options such the cell spacing (amount of space between cells) and the cell padding (amount of space between the text and the cell borders).

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    Click on OK once youʼve set all of your table options to add the table to the page.

When you right-click (or Control-click on the Mac) on a table you will see the following options:

  • Cell: add, remove and split cells. Choose Cell Properties to access more properties such as word wrapping, vertical and horizontal alignment of cell contents, and background and border colors.

  • Row: add and remove rows.

  • Column: add and remove columns.

  • Delete table: removes the table from the page.

  • Table Properties: opens the same properties as when you click on the Insert/ Edit Table button in the toolbar.

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