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time. To save this version of the page, click on Revert to this version at the top of the screen. To return to the most recent version of the page, click on the View current version link.

In the Revisions page you can delete individual revisions by clicking on the red Delete button to the right of each revision. You can also compare two revisions by making a selection with the radio buttons on the left and clicking on the Compare button. The two revisions will be shown in different text colors so you can tell them apart.

Extending Wikis with Plugins PBworks plugins can be used to add videos, slideshows, calendars and more. To add a plugin to a PBworks page:

  • 1.

    Place your cursor where you want to add the plugin on the page.

  • 2.

    Click on the Insert Plugin button in the toolbar. This will open the Insert Plugin popup window.

  • 3.

    Click on a category to see the plugins available under that category.

  • 4.

    Click on the link for the plugin you wish to add to your page.

  • 5.

    The remaining steps for adding the plugin will vary depending on the plugin you choose, but you should see a Preview button that will allow you to preview how the plugin will appear on the page before you insert it. If youʼre happy with the results, click on OK to add the plugin to the page.

To resize a plugin once youʼve added to the page, drag on the handles that appear when you select it.

Sharing a Wiki In addition to inviting other people to become users, there are two other ways you can share a wiki:

  • using the wikiʼs RSS feed.

  • by sharing the print version of a wiki page.

By subscribing to the RSS feed for a wiki, other people can track the latest updates to the wiki. To view the RSS feed for the wiki, click on the RSS feed link at the bottom of any

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page. The RSS feed will display correctly if youʼre accessing it with a web browser that can read RSS feeds. To share the RSS feed, copy the URL in the browserʼs web address field and paste it into an email or add it to your website.

To save a print version of any wiki page, click on the Printable version link at the bottom of the page.

This will open a ready-to-print version of the page in your web browser without all of the PBworks buttons and links that normally appear on the right side and bottom of the screen.

Tags Each PBworks page can have several tags associated with it. Tags are similar to keywords and can help you find a page when you canʼt remember its exact title. To add a tag to a page, click on the Add Tags link on the right side of the screen. You can add multiple tags at once by separating them with a comma.

To search your PBworks site using a tag, type the word tag followed by a colon and the name of the tag. For example, to search a PBworks site for all pages tagged with the word homework, you would type “tag:homework”.

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