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World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Germany, Assessment of the feasibility of implementing the Eco-region based planning approach to the Wadden Sea, December 1998- February 1999

WWF International- Helsinki Commission, Technical support to the Baltic states in development of pilot programmes in integrated coastal management, September 1998-on-going

Scottish Natural Heritage, assessment of alternative administrative models for the integrated management of the Minch, October 1998-January 1999.

WWF-EC, Development of a new programme to strengthen integrated coastal management initiatives in Africa, Asia and the Pacific and Latin America and the Caribbean, April 1998 -0n-going

European Union, Thematic study of the 35 Integrated Coastal Management Demonstration Projects funded by the Life and Terra programmes of the European Commission, April 1998- July 1999

DFID- Government of South Africa, Technical support in the preparation of the Draft Policy for Integrated Coastal Management for South Africa, May 1998, June 1998

World Bank- Government of Indonesia, Assistance to the National Economic Development Planning Board (BAPPENAS) in finalising the Project Implementation Plan (PIP) for the Coral Reef Rehabilitation and Management Project (COREMAP), Indonesia, May-June, 1997

British Council-Department of Ocean Development, Delhi, India Mission to Assist the Department of Oceans Development in the Preparation of the Project Implementation Plan for the Integrated Coastal and Marine Area Management Component of the Environmental Capacity Building project, May 10-16, 1997

WWF, Assessment of priorities for management of Sekania Beach Sea Turtle Nest Reserve, Zakynthos, Greece, April 1997, World Wide Fund for Nature, Greece

UNDP, Review of criteria for assessing the success of coastal zone management projects, April, 97

World Bank, Project Preparation, Coral Reef Rehabilitation and Management Project (COREMAP), Indonesia, January-February, 1997

GEF-UNOPS, Technical Assessment of the GEF funded project Protection of the Marine Ecosystems of the Red Sea (YEM/92/G31), October 1996

ODA-British Council Mission to design a institutional development initiative for training in integrated coastal management for India, July-August 1996

UNESCO, Lead researcher for the preparation of a review of Applicable Knowledge on the Formulation, Design and Implementation of Sustainable Coastal Management Initiatives as part of the new UNESCO, Coasts and Small Islands Programme, appointment to a “Panel of Experts on Integrated Coastal Management” to support the UNESCO programme, April 1996-ongoing

ODA, Applied research to develop a system for evaluating the success of integrated coastal management initiatives, Representation of ODA and technical support to the GEF/UNDP/IMO programme to prepare the main findings and conclusions from the International Workshop on Integrated Coastal Management in Tropical Developing Countries: Lessons Learned from Successes and Failures, Xiamen, China, 24-28 May, 1996

ODA, Applied research to support the formulation of a coastal management strategy for the eastern Caribbean, St Lucia, April-May, 1996

WWF-IUCN, Field testing WWF guidelines on Integrated Coastal Management in the Turtle Islands of the Philippines and Zakynthos, Greece, August-September 1995

UNDP-UNOPS, Team Leader Programme Formulation mission for Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development, UNDP 5 Year Country Programme, Jakarta, June-July 1995


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