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Committee Updates

Safety Committee

Happy New year to all North Side neighbors. As you know Safety was one of our top concerns in 2008. The new year finds us working hard to make our streets and homes places of comfort and rest. The Safety Committee continues to meet monthly on the various subjects that challenge our neighborhood. Lighting, drugs, traffic concerns, and gang activity continue to be on our agenda.

Our daily activities give all of us the opportunity to affect positive change. Saying hello to a neighbor, leaving a front and back light on at night, keeping an eye out for unusual activity - these are just a few suggestions to improve our community. Daily vigilance will pay dividends. Check out some of the local links that pertain to safety found below. These will also be added to the Safety Link on the CNNC Website. We will update everyone on the projects and progress we are making at the next membership meeting.

The Pittsburgh Police Web site, which includes information in the report regarding the structure of the department, who to call for what, crime stats, facts, as well as has a separate link on the right side for the 2007 Annual Report, etc. etc. There are also links here for the "Crime Statistics Page" and the "Citizen Observer" within the police department site: http://www.city.pittsburgh.pa.us/police/

The Crime Statistics page is below where you can find excellent information neighborhood-by-neighborhood: http://www.city.pittsburgh.pa.us/police/html/crime_stats.html

At the Citizen Observer Web site users can register to log on and view alerts or sign up for text or email alerts. Once on the site, you can click the "Communities" tab on the top, then select the "Groups" option and put in your zip code. It will retrieve all alerts for that zip area: http://www.citizenobserver.com/cov6/app/index.html

Thank you for your dedication and effort.


At the October meeting, the CNNC membership approved the creation of a planning and evaluation (P&E) committee. The P&E committee's charter is help the CNNC Board and membership make informed decisions by (1) conducting a community needs and priorities assessment (CNAPA); (2) facilitating the development of a strategic plan to guide and integrate the CNNC's diverse activities; and (3) evaluating progress towards accomplishing the tasks that the organization sets out for itself. In this and the next two newsletters, we will provide a brief description of each of these three functions. The goal of the CNAPA is to develop a coherent picture of our organization and our community. It expands on the community needs assessment conducted by the CNNC in 2007 in two ways. First, it includes the collection and analysis of key data about the Central Northside—demographic and economic information—to help us better understand the basic facts about our neighborhood. Second, like the prior assessment, the CNAPA will include a survey of members' concerns and priorities, but one conducted in accordance with recognized statistical norms and procedures. This will allow us to form a picture of the perceived needs and concerns of our neighbors. When complete, the CNAPA as a whole should provide us with a rich and detailed picture of the Central Northside community: how we live, what we're worried about, and where we want to see our neighborhood go. The intent is to update this assessment on a regular basis. We also plan on making the information collected in the process widely available to the membership and the community as a whole.

If you have questions about the CNAPA or the P&E committee, or wish to help with any phase of the committee's work, please contact David Shlapak either via e-mail (dashlapak@me.com) or by dropping a note off at the CNNC office.

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