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PART 5:  Correlation and Regression—Large N Quantitative Analysis

March 23 – Confidence Intervals and Significance Tests

Salkind, pages 103-117 and 141-159

Moore, pages 18-21

Johnson, Joslyn, and Reynolds, pages 197-210.

Moore, pages 296-327

--------------------------------------------SPRING BREAK  ---------------------------------------

--------------------------------------------HW 3 Due April 4 ---------------------------------------

April 4—Correlation

William Mendenhall, Beginning Statistics A to Z, Belmont, California, Wadsworth, 1993, pages 280-297.

Salkind, Chapter 5 (excerpts), pages 77-79 and 83-91.

April 6 and 11 – Regression

Salkind, pages 242-251

David Freedman et al., “The Regression Line,” pages 202-211

April 13 – Examples

Edward Tufte, “Economic and Political Determinants of Electoral Outcomes,” in Political Control of the Economy, Princeton:  Princeton University Press, 1978, pages 105-123, 136

M. Steven Fish, “Islam and Authoritarianism,” in World Politics 55, October 202, pages 4-37.

April 18 – Problems with Regression

Jason Seawright, “Democracy and Growth:  A Case Study in Failed Causal Inference,” unpublished manuscript

David Freedman et al., “Doe the Regression Make Sense?”, pages 211-213.

Henry E. Brady, “Appendix” in Henry E. Brady and David Collier (editors), Rethinking Social Inquiry:  Diverse Tools, Shared Standards, Rowman and Littlefield, 2004.

PART 6:  Small-N and Qualitative Research

April 20 – The Comparative Research Strategy

David Collier, “The Comparative Method,” in Ada Finifter (editor), Political Science:  The State of the Discipline II, American Political Science Association, 1993, pages 105-119.

Irving Copi and Carl Cohen, “Causal Connections:  Mill’s Methods of Experimental Inquiry,” in Introduction to Logic, Second Edition, New York, MacMillan, 1961, pages 355-366 and 368-371 and 385-388.

--------------------------------------------HW 4 Due April 25 ---------------------------------------

April 25 – Examples

Jean Dreze and Amartya Sen, “China and India,” in Hunger and Public Action, Oxford:  Clarendon Press, 1989, pages 204-225.

James Mahoney, “Nominal, Ordinal, and Narrative Appraisal in Macrocausal Analysis,” in American Journal of Sociology 4, January, 1999, pages 1154-1164.

April 27 – Case Studies

Daniel J. Lerner, “Preface/Introduction/Grocer and the Chief:  A Parable,” in Passing of Traditional Society, 1958, The Free Press.

Steven Levitsky, “Institutional and Peronism:  The Concept, the Case, and the Case for Unpacking the Concept,” in Party Politics 4 (1), 1998, pages 77-92.

Michael Piore, “Qualitative Research Techniques in Economics,” in Administrative Science Quarterly, 24, Number 4, December, 1979, pages 560-561 and pages 565-569.

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