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Minimum Requirement: three years of math, including the equiva- lents of Algebra I, Geometry and Algebra II. A grade of C or better is required to pass from one course to the next course in the math sequence. Students are strongly encouraged to take math throughout their high school career.

701 ALGEBRA I Algebra I is designed as an intro- duction to the joy and fascination of mathematics as a discipline for more closely examining the world in which we live. This course sets the ground work for working with variable expressions, polynomials, and problem solving. (full year/one credit)

for a study of advanced mathe- matics or as preparation for life skills. The power of mathematics is examined through an analysis of the following functions: linear, quadratic, cubic, absolute value and exponential. (full year/one credit)

702 GEOMETRY Geometry is a fundamental course in the study of shapes, angles, areas, and trigonometry through an analy- sis of physical objects and proof making. Each area of study is re- lated to the physical world through hands-on experiences to help strengthen the connections to de- sign, art, nature, and the real world. (full year/one credit)

703 ALGEBRA II This course develops the concept of function through real-life scenar- ios, computer simulation and graphical analysis. The structure of the course provides the student with the necessary skills

711/712 ALGEBRA II A&B Algebra II A&B covers the cur- riculum of Algebra II in two courses over two years and is recommend to certain students for whom a more individualized and in-depth study of Algebra II is ideal. Enrollment in these courses is by permission of in- structor and Upper School Head only. Algebra II A is a prerequi- site for Algebra II B. The Alge- bra II graduation requirement can only be met by completing both courses. (full year/one credit per course)

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301 ENGLISH NINE: A major objective of the English 9 program is to increase student knowledge of the way language works to produce a variety of literary genres: the novel, the short story, poetry and drama. The course is also designed to show students the elements of a good paper, including composi- tion form, a mature writing style, proper paper mechanics, and con- tent generation. Class time in- cludes lively discussion, individual and cooperative learning. Expo- sure to vocabulary will also be part of the course. Core texts include Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, Salinger's Catcher in the Rye, and Twain's Huckleberry Finn, as well as a number of short stories and poems. (full year/one credit)

302 ENGLISH 10 English 10 is a year-long course in World and Multicultural Lit- erature. Students consider ques- tions of identity, origin, and the concept of home. Authors of course texts may include Achebe, Cisneros, Paton, Shakespeare, Kafka, and others from all over the world. Vocabulary and usage study supplement the textual work. A hallmark of the English 10 experience is the comprehen- sive research paper (completed in the spring trimester). (full year/one credit)

303 ENGLISH ELEVEN: This course is designed to ex- pose students to American Lit- erature from 1840 to 1940. Stu- dents read a variety of American authors of this period including Emerson, Whitman, Dickinson, Crane, Jewett, Hemingway, Fitz- gerald, and Faulkner. Students are exposed to the literary move- ments of the period including Transcendentalism, Romanti- cism, Realism, Naturalism, and Modernism. (Fall/Winter Terms, two thirds credit)

312 ENGLISH TWELVE: The twelfth grade year focuses on college level work with an emphasis on elevated composi- tion, including expository writ- ing. The reading and writing load is intense and mirrors that of a college course. Students read a variety of genres including po- etry, fiction, drama, and nonfic- tion. Reading selections span four centuries and four coun- tries. Students work in depth with literary elements, terminol- ogy, and cultivate essential close reading skills in preparation for college work. (Fall/Winter Terms, two thirds credit)

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