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18/1/24 Library Science Director's Office Alice Lohrer Papers, 1937-73 - page 7 / 43





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(Chairman of the committee which prepared) "Instructional Materials Services--Library and Audio-Visual," Evaluative Criteria. Washington, D. C., National Study of Secondary School Evaluation, 1960, pages 257-72 "Use of Children's Books," Japan Library School, Proceedings of the School Library Leaders Workshop, August 3-5, 1959 (Library Studies Series Number 8, Keio University, 1960), pages 111-18 (Review of) Larrick, Nancy, Teacher's Guide to Children's Books, Library Journal, Volume 85, Number 22 (December 15, 1960), pages 433-34 "Observations and Impressions on School Libraries in Japan," School Libraries, Volume 10, Number 2 (January, 1961), pages 15-17; 33 "Observations and Impressions on School Libraries in Tokyo, Japan, 1959," JLS Circular (Japan Library School), Number 12 (1961), pages 365-70 "Public Library Services--Part II--Services to Young Adults and Children," Public Library Service in Missouri: a Survey, editor, G. K. Schenk. Jefferson City, Missouri State Library, 1962, pages 37-42 "The Status of School Libraries as Materials Centers," Illinois Libraries, Volume 45, Number 2 (February, 1963), pages 104-7 (Review of) Newton, Mary G., Books for Deaf Children, Library Journal, Volume 88, Number 6 (March 15, 1963), pages 123-4 "School Libraries as Instructional Materials Centers with Implications for Training," The School Library as a Materials Center, Editor, M. H. Mahar. Washington D. C., United States Office of Education, 1963, pages 12-18 "The Rating of Illinois School Libraries: A National Look," Illinois Journal of Education, Volume 54, Number 5 (October, 1963), pages 11-13 "Spotlight on Reviewing Books for Children," Illinois Libraries, Volume 46, Number 10 (December, 1964), Pages 851-3 "The Elementary School Library Planned as an Instructional Materials Center," Problems in Planning Library Facilities. Chicago, American Library Association, 1964, pages 177-82 "Future Possibilities in the Development of the School Library Materials Center," The School Library Materials Center: its Resources and Their Utilization, Champaign, Illinois, Illini Union Bookstore, 1964, pages 101-7 (Edited) The School Library Materials Center: its Resources and Their Utilization, Champaign, Illinois, Illini Union Bookstore, 1964 "School Libraries in the United States Meet the Challenges of Today," Library Science (Japan Library School, Keio University), Number 3 (1965), pages 45-9 "Library Development Plans for Gondi Shahpoor University," Report of the Fulbright Study Team on Gondi Shahpoor University: Development Possibilities and Priorities, United States Commission for Cultural Exchange with Iran, 1967, pages 57-71 "Fulbright Lecturer Returns," University of Illinois Library School Association News Letter, Volume 81 (Fall, 1967), pages 14-16

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