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catalyst technology is now being installed on vehicles with useful life requirements up to 150,000 miles (250,000 km) or more. Advanced catalyst technology developed for cars and light trucks is also available for motorcycle applications.

Class I and II Standards

EPA proposes that the emission standards for Class I and Class II motorcycles meet in 2006 the standards that have been in place in California since 1982. EPA notes that “virtually all Class I and Class II engines already meet and certify to the California standards.” EPA also states, and MECA concurs, that catalyst technology is not expected to be needed for four-stroke motorcycles to comply. If future standards were based on the capability of employing catalyst technology on Class I and Class II motorcycles, HC+NOx could be further reduced by anywhere from 50 to greater than 90 percent. Catalyst technology is already being applied and has demonstrated its effectiveness on motorcycles in the Class I and Class II engine categories in Asia and elsewhere. MECA recommends that EPA, at a minimum, consider harmonizing the emission standards for Class I and Class II motorcycles with the European 2006 standards.

Voluntary Low Emission Standards

MECA recommends that EPA adopt Blue Sky Standards in the range of 0.4 g/km HC+NOx for Class III and 0.5 g/km HC for Class I and II motorcycles to promote the technology development of and provide opportunities for additional emission control from highway motorcycles. Catalyst and related technologies have continued to advance since California adopted the Tier 2 0.8 g/km HC+NOx standard in 1998.

MECA believes that by combining the advances in engine/fuel management and catalyst technology that can be applied to motorcycle engines such a level could be achieved. By applying catalyst technology to Class I and Class II motorcycles engines, a 50 percent reduction in HC emissions could easily be achieved.

Motorcycle manufacturers with a commitment to providing low emitting motor vehicle


September 17, 2002

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