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University of Central Florida
Exceptional Education Master’s Program for Project ASD Participants
AREA A - Core (9-12 hours)
3    Fundamentals of Grad Research in Education EDF  6481__________________
3    Measurement and Evaluation in Education             EDF  6432____________________

Select Either Option A or Option B

Option A (3 hrs) - Research

3Research ReportEEX  6908

OR Option B – (6 hrs) - Non-research (one of three and EEX 6XXX Nature of Autism)                                           

3 Strategies for Students w/LD ELD  6248    ______
3    Teaching students with Mental HandicapsEMR 6365   __________________           

3Theory & application for EHEED  6226    ______

*3  EEX 6XXX: Nature of Autism: Theory & Educational Practice

Course Description: This course offers an overview of theory and teaching applications for students with autism spectrum disorders, emphasizing a historical overview of ASD, major theories and trends, etiological and diagnostic issues, classroom structure, research based instructional strategies, and family involvement. Twenty hours of field-based experience is a requirement.

AREA B - Specialization (27 hours)

3 Instructional Strategies PREK – 6EEX  6061__

3    Instructional Stategies  6-12EEX  6065    ______
3    Seminar: Critical Issues in Special Education                  EEX  6342____________
3    Organization & Collaboration in Special EducationEEX  6524
3    Teaching Spoken and Written LanguageEEX  6107                 *SPA6XXX_

*3  SPA 6XXX: Assistive and Instructional Technology For Communication

Course Description: This course is designed to afford the students the opportunity to learn specific classroom approaches to meet the complex communication needs of students with autism spectrum related disorders (ASD).  Participants will be presented with an extensive overview of alternative/augmentative modes of communication and assistive technology devices. Twenty hours of field-based experience is a requirement.

3    Assessment and Curriculum Prescriptions               EEX  6266    *EEX6XXX_

*3  EEX 6XXX: Assessment, Diagnosis and Curr. Prescript. For Students With Autism___

Course Description: This course addresses contemporary assessments and models for assessing exceptional children.  It also addresses curriculum and prescription. Specific emphasis will be placed on assessment of students with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). A field-based experience will include applied assignments involving ongoing classroom based assessment, data collection, databased decision making, and program development for a student with ASD. Twenty hours of field-based experience is a requirement.
3    Methods of Behavioral ManagementEEX  6612    ____________
*3  EEX 6612 Methods of Behavioral Management (Special Section)____________________

Course Description: This course content includes analysis of the principles of behavior management and application of these principles to the solving of classroom management problems. In addition, there will be specific focus on current practice and research on the evaluation and treatment services for students with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). Twenty hours of field-based experience is a requirement.


Internship (if on-the-job - 12 hrs over 2 semesters)EEX 6946 MA Field Experience

OR 3    PracticumEEX 6909___MEd Field Experience

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