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Safety Precautions

General Safety Statements


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WARNING: Always wear goggles or safety glasses. Refrigerant liquid, refrigeration oil, and battery acid can permanently damage the eyes (see First Aid under Refrigeration Oil).

DANGER: Addresses a circumstance that, if encountered, will lead to death or serious injury.

WARNING: Addresses a circumstance that, if encountered, might lead to death or serious injury.

CAUTION: Addresses a circumstance that, if encountered, may cause damage to equipment or minor injury.

WARNING: Keep your hands away from fans and belts when the unit is running. This should also be considered when opening and closing the compressor service valves.

WARNING: Make sure gauge manifold hoses are in good condition. Never let them come in contact with a belt, fan motor pulley, or any hot surface.

WARNING: Make sure all mounting bolts are tight and are of correct length for their particular application.

DANGER: Never operate the unit with the discharge valve closed as it could cause the compressor to explode, causing death or serious injury.

DANGER: Never apply heat to a sealed refrigeration system or container because it could explode, causing death or serious injury.

DANGER: Fluorocarbon refrigerants, in the presence of an open flame or electrical short, produce toxic gases that are severe respiratory irritants capable of causing death.

WARNING: Never drill holes in the unit unless absolutely necessary. Holes drilled into the unit may weaken structural components. Holes drilled into electrical wiring can cause fire or explosion.

WARNING: When using ladders to install or service refrigeration systems, always observe the ladder manufacturer’s safety labels and warnings. A work platform is the recommended method for installations.

DANGER: Be careful when working with a refrigerant or refrigeration system in any enclosed or confined area with a limited air supply (i.e., a trailer, container or the hold of a ship). Refrigerant tends to displace air and can cause oxygen depletion which may result in death by suffocation.

WARNING: Exposed coil fins are very sharp and can cause painful lacerations.


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