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Safety Precautions

Electrical Hazard


DANGER: Extreme care must be used when working with a refrigeration unit that is connected to a source of operating power, even if the unit is not operating. Lethal voltage potentials can exist at the unit power cord, inside the control box, at the motors and within the wiring harnesses.

WARNING: Although fluorocarbon refrigerants are classified as safe refrigerants, certain precautions must be observed when handling them or servicing a unit in which they are used. When released to the atmosphere in the liquid state, fluorocarbon refrigerants evaporate rapidly, freezing anything they contact.

First Aid

WARNING: Never drill holes in the unit unless absolutely necessary. Holes drilled into the unit may weaken structural components. Holes drilled into electrical wiring can cause fire or explosion.

FROST BITE: In the event of frost bite, the objectives of First Aid are

to protect the frozen area from further injury, to warm the affected area rapidly and to maintain respiration.

WARNING: Always wear goggles or safety glasses. Battery acid can permanently damage the eyes.

CAUTION: Before connecting electric standby power cable, make sure power supply voltage and vehicle voltage requirements are the same. See electric standby voltage label on unit.

Automatic Start/Stop

WARNING: The unit is capable of automatic operation and can start at any time without warning. Always turn the On/Off switch to the OFF position before opening unit doors, inspecting, or servicing the unit.

EYES: For contact with liquid, immediately flush eyes with large amounts of water and get prompt medical attention.

SKIN: Flush area with large amounts of lukewarm water. Do not apply heat. Remove contaminated clothing and shoes. Wrap burns with dry, sterile, bulky dressing to protect from infection/injury. Get medical attention. Wash contaminated clothing before reuse.

INHALATION: Move victim to fresh air and use CPR or mouth-to-mouth ventilation, if necessary. Stay with victim until arrival of emergency medical personnel.

Refrigeration Oil

WARNING: Avoid refrigeration oil contact with the eyes. Avoid prolonged or repeated contact of refrigeration oil with skin or clothing. Wash thoroughly after handling refrigeration oil to prevent irritation.

First Aid

In case of eye contact, immediately flush with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes. CALL A PHYSICIAN. Wash skin with soap and water.


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