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Upper Mississippi River-Illinois Waterway System Restructured Navigation Study Public Meeting Minutes March 12, 2002 Holiday Inn, Peoria, Illinois

1. Attendance

141 members of the public attended the meeting. Officials and staff of the Corps of Engineers, state and local governments, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) also attended. Organizations in attendance included the American Farm Bureau Federation, American River Transportation Society, Audubon Society, Great River Economic Development Foundation, Illinois Corn Growers Association, Illinois Corn Marketing Board, Illinois Farm Bureau, LaFarge North America, MARC2000, Mississippi River Basin Alliance, and National Corn Growers Association.

2. Welcome

At 6:30 Bill Wiedman introduced the meeting structure, procedures and basic information. He then introduced the project manager, Denny Lundberg.


Formal Presentation

Denny Lundberg from the Corps of Engineers gave a formal presentation describing the Upper Mississippi River-Illinois Waterway System Restructured Navigation Study. He then introduced the following people:

Rich Manguno – Corps of Engineers, New Orleans District, Economics Team Leader Rich Fristik – Corps of Engineers, Rock Island District, Environmental Work Group Rick Nelson – US Fish and Wildlife Service Bob Goodwin – Maritime Administration Gary Clark – State of Illinois, Department of Natural Resources Chris Brescia – MARC2000


Question and Answer Period

The public submitted written questions which were answered as follows:

Question: Will the text of this presentation be available on the web? Denny Lundberg, Corps of Engineers: Yes, we will make both the text and the slideshow available to the public.

Question: In the presentation, on the slide showing Mississippi River traffic, what is the earliest date of data shown? Denny Lundberg, Corps of Engineers: The traffic figures start in the 1960’s.

Question: How long will the process take to start construction? Denny Lundberg, Corps of Engineers: Construction will not start for at least 7-8 years if Congress approves the construction and has money available.

Question: What is the safety aspect of having to decouple barges to make the two trips through the 600 ft. locks? It seems it would increase the likelihood of accidents, spills, etc…

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