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Jury trial began on September 3, 2008.  Q., D., H., and two sheriff deputies, Rohn and Staton, testified for the People.  P. did not testify.  Defendant did not testify and called no witnesses.


Q. was in debt and living with her parents in San Diego when, in June 2007, for the first time, she posted an Internet advertisement offering to provide time and companionship to persons who were willing to pay her.  The day she posted the ad, defendant called and offered her employment as a prostitute.  If she would work for him, he said, he would take care of her and pay her outstanding car and telephone bills.  He would post advertisements and all she had to do was “take the calls” and “give him the money.”  Defendant talked to Q. for about an hour.

On June 11, 2007, the day after he called her, Q. drove to Temecula to meet defendant.  She agreed to work for him and stayed at his house that night.  The next morning, D., who lived with defendant and also worked for him, accompanied Q. to the Comfort Inn in Temecula for her first day of work.  The women both had cell phones defendant gave them and on which customers could call to make “dates.”  Through his computer, defendant monitored their calls.  If Q. missed any calls or stopped answering the phone, defendant would contact her and ask her why she was not answering the phone.  Defendant posted Q.’s services at $200 for each half hour and gave her a daily quota of $1,000.  Because she was “just a prostitute,” she gave all the money she made, including tips, to defendant.

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