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Q. did not like the work and tried to leave defendant’s employ on several occasions.  When she told him she wanted to go home, he refused to give her any money.  Defendant told Q. she would never make it without him, that she “wasn’t good enough” and “didn’t have the looks” to be successful by herself.  Nonetheless, Q. “quit” five or six times, by turning in her phone and driving back to her parents’ home in San Diego.  When she again found herself in debt, she sometimes worked for a pimp in San Diego, “DK.”  She returned to work for defendant because, unlike DK, he didn’t hit her.

In August 2007, Q. reported defendant to the police.  At trial, she testified that she was angry at defendant, as opposed to DK, because it was defendant who had first recruited her to work as a prostitute.  She had never engaged in any acts of prostitution before she met defendant.


D. was working as a clerk at Walgreen’s in Hemet when she met defendant in 2005.  Defendant told her she was beautiful and that he would like to take her and her two-year-old daughter to Disneyland.  In the beginning, D. and defendant had a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship and talked about getting married.  However, a few weeks after they began dating, defendant revealed that he ran an escort business and talked to D. about some of the girls who worked for him.3  Eventually, D. began working for defendant too.  Defendant photographed her with other prostitutes and posted their

(  At different times, D. met, or heard from defendant about, seven other girls who worked for him:  Ashley, Nicole, Jessica, Melissa, Erin, Lea, a girl from Bakersfield, and a girl from Texas.

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