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pictures, along with phone numbers and prices coded in “roses” on the Internet Web site, craigslist.  P. was one of the girls who worked for defendant and with whom defendant photographed D. for ads he posted.  Some of the photographs were taken in a house in Temecula where D. lived with defendant.  D. saw defendant in their kitchen writing and posting Internet advertisements containing photographs of P. and other girls.

D. worked for defendant from July 2006 to August 2007.  She stopped for four months between January and May 2007, hoping she could regain custody of her daughter, who had been taken by child protective services.  In those four months, D. worked as a hostess at a restaurant.  Defendant repeatedly called and came to the restaurant or to her apartment and tried to persuade her to return to work for him.  To avoid him, D. sometimes would not answer the phone or the door.  Eventually, because she needed money so badly, she returned to work for defendant.  D. was afraid to leave lest, “all this stuff he told me happened to the girls that told, would happen to me.”

When she worked for defendant, D. would sometimes accompany and transport defendant’s other girls to hotel rooms where she and they would wait for customers to call their cell phones.  Defendant had a laptop computer that “went everywhere he went” and on which he could monitor their calls and post Internet ads.  In addition to their photographs and phone numbers, defendant set and posted varying prices for their services.  The prices varied by city and the amount of time and number of girls a customer wanted.  All the girls had a quota of $1,000 a day.  All the girls gave defendant all the money they made every day.  As soon as a client paid D., she took the money directly to defendant.

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