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The Top 4 Internet Scams Today

The Phishing Scam is the modern-day persuasion scheme that obtains sensitive information from a pri- vate individual by establishing of rapport or by posing as a legitimate and trustworthy company or entity. Sensitive information such as passwords or credit card numbers and details are the most common target of phishing attacks. Phishing goes hand-in-hand with spamming since a fraudster committing phishing needs more than one prospect to be successful.

The most popular internet scam is the click fraud. An advertising network affiliate conducts the click fraud to earn more money than usual from such click advertisers as Google. This type of scam is done using spywares that artificially clicks on the advertisement link.

Another Internet scam involves online auction and retail schemes. Legitimate-looking websites offer goods and products but fail to deliver them to the buyer.

A noteworthy Internet scam is the pump-and-dump scheme employed in stock trading. The trick is to use marketing power by disseminating false info in forums and other public locations “pumping” up its stock sales. After a certain level is reached, the fraudster sells or “dumps” his stocks earning a profit as the stock price slides down to its average price after the hype.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation or FBI has a special webpage for internet frauds and scams.

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