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Internet Survey Scams

People are often tricked into believing that taking surveys is an easy way to make a little extra money. The problem is that so many of these Internet Surveys are not what they claim to be.

They either do not pay the money promised, or as is so often the case, they are actually just looking for a way to get personal contact information, which they will sell to marketing companies.

Another type of internet survey scams people to pay a small fee to access the surveys in their system. This usually seems acceptable to most people since the com- panies never ask a large sum.

Once the fee is paid, the duped Internet user realizes the surveys made available to them are ones that do not pay anything.

One of the ways that internet survey scams look real is by having testimonials on their websites from satisfied participants.

These testimonials are, of course, fake. But, they give the survey website the appearance of legitimacy and success that brings in willing victims of the scams.

There are also sweepstakes survey sites where points are earned based on how much of the survey is completed. Some participants do not need to answer all the ques- tions based on earlier answers.

The person’s final reward is far off as the points needed to get prizes or money are very high.

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