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 This manual has been written to assist the operators of Strick trailers in achieving the highest level of safety, performance, reliability and dependability we build into every Strick trailer. Periodic safety, maintenance inspections and service with Strick authorized replacement parts is required to achieve the intended results. Careful and complete inspection and verification of the condition of the parts, components and mechanics of a trailer in accordance with this manual, as well as in accordance with the instructions of suppliers to Strick of the particular part or component. Check the part or component suppliers website for more information. This inspection is essential each time a trailer is to be operated. Do not operate a Strick trailer with un-repaired damaged components.


When contacting any Strick representative about a Strick trailer, please note and provide the model and vehicle identification number (VIN) stamped into the tag located on the front wall or roadside frame member of the trailer. This plate contains information, including the model, date of manufacture, gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR), gross axle weight rating (GAWR),tire and wheel size and tire pressure requirements.


Strick trailers are designed to operate at legal highway speeds, on improved, paved roads, with the maximum GVWR shown on the VIN tag. GVWR and GAWR are not to be exceeded. Van trailer cargo should be uniformly distributed with no more than 25,000 pounds in any 10 feet of the trailer length. Weight ratings and capacities for other model trailers are based on the requirements noted on the sales order for the equipment. Any cargo loaded into Strick trailers should be properly distributed, braced and blocked, where necessary and conform to D.O.T. 49 CFR, Part 393. Fork lift truck, front axle loading should not exceed 16,000 pounds, when the trailer is equipped with steel crossmembers on 12” centers and 1-3/8” laminated oak flooring. Other floor ratings are based on the materials used and the application.

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