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Anti-Spyware Software Comparison

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Anti-spyware Comparison The following table summarizes some of the features of popular anti-spyware software. Several software applications have a component that actively protects systems by:

  • Scanning memory for spyware

  • Monitoring the registry for changes to system startup settings and browser hijacking activity

  • Monitoring the system for modifications to the hosts file

In addition to actively protecting systems, check to see if your anti-spyware software can:

  • Set ActiveX kill bits to immunize Internet Explorer from known spyware

  • Add a list of known spyware sites to Internet Explorer’s list of restricted sites







Safer Networking



Sunbelt Software

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$20 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes No 86%

Note: All packages have the following features:

  • Checks memory for spyware

  • Checks registry for spyware

  • Checks hard drive for spyware

  • Provides customized scanning options

  • If required, removes spyware on reboot

  • Provides a log history of scanned results

  • Whitelist of approved sites

  • Supports most recent operating systems

  • Manual updates to spyware definitions

  • Configure software to automatically check for spyware definition updates at specified intervals

Summary When a threat is found, most products restore your system to the original settings. Microsoft’s anti-spyware software chooses Microsoft solutions (MSN as home page, IE as your browser, and MSN Search as your default search engine) when restoring settings.

In addition to installing anti-spyware software, consider other security risks. See our Managed

Security Services

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for more

information on managing your security related risks.

$30 Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No No Yes Yes No 90%

Beta Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes No 66%

Free Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 55%


Approx cost per year Schedule day/time Protect system Prevent browser hijack Protects hosts file IE set ActiveX kill bits IE restricted sites Browser helper object ActiveX controls Platform: Windows XP Platform: Windows 2000 Platform: Windows 98 Spyware effectiveness

Free to $27 No Paid version Paid version No No No No No Yes Yes Yes 64%

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