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Edgar Filing: RYERSON TULL INC /DE/ - Form DEF 14A

The Nominating and Governance Committee will consider qualified candidates recommended by the holders of voting securities as nominees for election at the annual meeting. To be considered by the Committee as a nominee for election at the 2004 Annual Meeting, the name of the candidate and a written description of his or her qualifications must be received by the Secretary of Ryerson Tull no sooner than November 5, 2003, and no later than December 5, 2003. Our By-Laws provide a formal procedure, including an advance notice requirement, for holders of voting securities who intend to nominate persons for election as directors at the annual meeting.


Our Directors Compensation Plan provides that each director who is not an employee of Ryerson Tull or any of our affiliates will receive an annual retainer of $60,000. Normally, we will pay one-third of the retainer in shares of our common stock, one-third in cash and one-third in options (based upon the Black-Scholes option pricing model). However, directors may elect to receive all or any part of the cash portion of their retainer in whole shares of common stock.

We pay the cash portion of the retainer quarterly. If a director serves for a fraction of a quarter, the cash portion for that quarter is prorated in whole months. We pay the stock portion of the retainer as restricted stock issued at the beginning of the director s term. Over the director s term, the restricted stock vests in quarterly increments. Directors are also entitled to any dividends that accrue on the restricted stock. In addition, non-employee directors receive $1,000 for attending a special Board meeting and a special committee meeting not held in conjunction with a regular or special Board meeting. We do not pay fees to directors for attending other Board or committee meetings. A non-employee director who serves as chairman of a standing committee of the Board will receive an additional annual retainer of $4,000.

The Directors Compensation Plan allows directors to elect to defer payment of all or any portion of the retainers and fees that become due over the course of the year. Directors must make this election prior to January 1 of each year. However, if a director is appointed or elected during a calendar year, that director may make a deferral election within 30 days after becoming a director. We will distribute deferred amounts after the director s termination of board service in a lump sum or in installments of cash or whole shares of common stock, at the election of the director made at the time of the deferral. Interest on cash deferrals will be credited at the prime rate in effect from time to time at Bank One Corporation (or its successor). Stock deferrals will be credited with dividends paid on shares of common stock from time to time.

The Directors Compensation Plan also provides that each non-employee director at the close of each annual meeting will be awarded a stock option having a value of $20,000 (based on the Black-Scholes option pricing model) and an exercise price equal to the fair market value of our common stock on the date of grant. Individuals who become non-employee directors other than at an annual meeting are, at the time of their election or appointment as a non-employee director, awarded stock options having a value that is prorated to reflect a partial year s service. The options are 50% exercisable beginning the day after the six-month anniversary of the grant date and 100% after the earlier of the one-year anniversary of the grant date or the date of the next annual meeting. They expire no later than 10 years after the date of grant. A total of 461,000 shares of our common stock are reserved for issuance under the Directors Compensation Plan.

We also pay the premiums on a business accident insurance policy insuring each director for up to $500,000.



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