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Edgar Filing: RYERSON TULL INC /DE/ - Form DEF 14A

(b) Subject to the restrictions set forth in paragraph 7(c) below, the Committee may make such adjustments as it deems appropriate in the case of any Participant whose salary grade designation has changed during the applicable Award Period or who has been employed in more than one Corporate Unit during an Award Period.

(c) Unless and until the Committee proposes for stockholder vote a change in the general performance measures set forth in this paragraph 7(c), the attainment of which may determine the degree of payout with respect to Awards under the Plan which are designed to qualify for the Performance-Based Exception, the performance measure(s) to be used for purposes of such Awards shall be chosen from among the following alternatives: return on operating assets, operating profit, return on equity, net income, stock price, revenue growth, marginal income, expense management, inventory management, quality management, customer service performance, shareholder return, gross margin management; market share improvement, safety results, quality results, price margin management, on time delivery, productivity and days sales outstanding (accounts receivable management). The Committee shall have the discretion to establish performance goals based upon the foregoing performance measures and to adjust such goals and the methodology used to measure the determination of the degree of attainment of such goals; provided, however, that Awards under the Plan that are intended to qualify for the Performance-Based Exception and that are issued to or held by any Named Executive Officer may not be adjusted in a manner that increases such Award. The Committee shall retain the discretion to adjust such Awards in a manner that does not increase such Awards. Furthermore, the Committee shall not make any adjustment to Awards under the Plan issued to or held by any Named Executive Officer that are intended to comply with the Performance-Based Exception if the result of such adjustment would be the disqualification of such Award under the Performance-Based Exception. Any Award granted after the Effective Date which is intended to qualify for the Performance-Based Exception shall be contingent upon shareholder approval of the Plan at the Company s 2003 annual meeting of shareholders. In the event that applicable laws change to permit the Committee greater discretion to amend or replace the foregoing performance measures applicable to Awards to Named Executive Officers without obtaining stockholder approval of such changes, the Committee shall have sole discretion to make such changes without obtaining such approval. In addition, in the event that the Committee determines that it is advisable to grant Awards under the Plan to Named Executive Officers or other Participants that are not intended to qualify for the Performance-Based Exception, the Committee may make such grants upon any objective or subjective performance criteria it deems appropriate with the understanding that they will not satisfy the requirements of Section 162(m) of the Code.

Notwithstanding any other provision of the Plan, in no event may a Participant be paid an Award in any calendar year in excess of $2,000,000. No segregation of any moneys or the creation of any trust or the making of any special deposit shall be required in connection with any awards made or to be made under the Plan.


Payment of Awards

Awards shall be paid in cash as soon as practicable after the end of the Award Period for which the Award is made; provided, however, that no payment shall be made with respect to an Award which is intended to qualify under the Performance-Based Exception until the Committee has certified in writing that the performance goals and other materials terms of the Award have been met. If a Participant to whom an Award has been made dies prior to the payment of the Award, such Award shall be delivered to his or her legal representative or to such other person or persons as shall be determined by the Chairman, the President, the Chief Executive Officer or the Vice President-Human Resources of the Company. The Company or other applicable Corporate Unit shall have the right to deduct from all Awards payable under the Plan any taxes required by law to be withheld by the Company or other Corporate Unit with respect thereto; provided, however, that to the extent



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