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he also warned sales associates not to say or imply to sales prospects that Fairfield owners have any priority in exchange as a result of the acquisition of Fairfield by Cendant, which also owns RCI.

His letter noted that “RCI states in their membership documents that they provide comparable exchange op- portunities to all members from all RCI affiliates on an equal basis, and they are therefore required by state law and affiliation contract to so so.”

Trading down

Timesharing Today published my letter about my difficulties “trading down.” RCI had written to me indi- cating that, if I wished to trade for lower quality resorts than my red time, two bedroom Gold Crown resort unit, I would have to deposit a resort with a lower trading value.

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You published a response to my letter from Jeff Brodzeller, Director of Global Revenue Management, on be- half of RCI indicating that where a member is not concerned with the qual- ity of the exchange resort, but simply wishes to get to a particular destina- tion, the member may request that their RCI Vacation Counselor bypass the quality restrictions to access the other resorts. This is an incomplete expla- nation of how the system works.

I contacted a RCI Vacation Coun- selor to indicate that I wished the search to include particular destina- tions whether or not they were of “comparable quality.” I requested that the search bypass their quality restric- tions to access the other resorts. The Counselor indicated that they cannot do that on an on-going basis. They can only bypass their quality restrictions during a phone call with a member. Therefore, the ongoing RCI computer search will not access resorts of lesser

Jul/Aug, 2002

trading value or quality even if you wish to trade for them.

RCI has indicated that they only rent excess inventory to non-members when that inventory is not likely to be used by RCI members. However RCI insurers that many units are “not likely to be used by RCI members,” because RCI members cannot access them in their computer searches. RCI then can indicate that there is no demand for these resorts and rent them to govern- ment employees.

This an impressive revenue gen- eration system for Cendant. Sell mem- berships into an exchange system, charge fees for exchanges, limit the access of members to exchanges, an- nounce that there is no demand for those resorts, and then rent them to non-members. I can see why the RCI response to my letter was from the Director of Global Revenue Manage- ment.

Susan Lauer, Minneapolis, MN

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