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I very much appreciate the article by Byron Wiegand, regarding this sub- ject. When I was approached to con- vert, I was told that my old system timeshare was not going to buy me time in the future. There is something crimi- nal about a system, that makes itself obsolete, after selling what is supposed to be a lifetime agreement.

Many of us keep up our annual fees, and RCI fees, with great diffi- culty, on fixed incomes. We do so, ex- pecting our understanding of what we bought, to be honored, in perpetuity. Additionally, I am one of the unfortu- nate 90,000 and some, owners, who could not exchange last year. My week, and my timeshare, were always being “downplayed” by RCI. Waiting months for a vacation to be approved, is not an acceptable way of doing busi- ness. After all, arrangements have to be made to be gone from home or job, and airline reservations are usually made. I made 3 tries without success.

I won’t pay for points, but I won- der if I should bother to keep up my annual fees, since I am seeing many other types of vacations which look a lot more stable and possible than the route I am going now.

Goria Moser, San Diego, CA

In July, 2001, my wife and I de- cided to make our dreams come true, just like the RCI pre-recorded mes- sage advertises, by traveling to Aus- tralia and New Zealand during Sep- tember and October, 2002. We were spacebanking the best of our 21 week inventory using Gold Crown and R.I.D. resorts; requesting 2 weeks in Australia and 2 weeks in New Zealand. Since we are using frequent flyer miles where limited seating is available, we made flight reservations in January, 2002. So we followed the

RCI guidelines of spacebanking early over one year in advance.

After not receiving any feedback from RCI, even after our persistant follows-up phone calls, for over 3 months, we investigated using the RCI points system since we are members too. We were advised that though the points system directory indicated sev- eral resorts in these areas, none of the resorts had signed an RCI points agreement.

The RCI points staff advised us to stay with the regular exchange sys- tem. As we continued to call periodi- cally, we finally got our first and only RCI exchange on March 14, 2002.

Desperation was setting in regard- ing the 3 remaining weeks, regardless of RCI pre-recorded message, “Let us make your next dream a reality”. We were getting the feeling of false ad- vertising! Therefore, we contacted II. The initial phone call on January 21,2002 brought the results of receiv- ing an exchange. The other 2 ex- changes were completed with II on April 24, 2002 and May 13, 2002.

All of the II exchanges were de- veloper owned, which again confirms prior information that RCI is still using developer weeks/bulk bank weeks for it’s own promotions (greed)-vacation escape specials (including the military which as not decreased or stopped), car rentals, cruises, etc. instead of placing these weeks into the spacebank system for the membership’s use. We elected to use the RCI exchange ini- tially because they have more resorts listed in Australia/New Zealand than II.

As we all know RCI keeps your deposited week(s) and will refund your your exchange fee. But it has taken 5 phone calls to receive a credit on my credit card or a refund check. For some reason not announced to the

Jul/Aug, 2002



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