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membership, if you are in the “dual” system, points and non-points, all the accounting and spacebanking activities have been transferred to the points system. This gives one-stop- shop but at a greater membership fee expense. The annual membership fee for the points members is $99/yr and for the non-point regular members $65/ yr.

Therefore, if you are in the dual system, you contact the points depart- ment for refunds, exchanges, etc. In our case, our payment for dues to 2018 for regular RCI membership will be refunded and we start the $99/year without the past benefit of lower dues fee promotions when several years are purchased in advance. So the RCI points system dues are higher but the exchange fee of $40 is less. Taking our of one pocket; putting into another must have been learned by RCI from our governments!

The II system credits your credit card and if you are an II World Pre-

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ferred member you get the week re- turned if you have not gone past the date for the deposited week.

In summary, after being a RCI member for 20 years and president of a timeshare resort for 12 years, RCI has not gotten better inspite of their promises and advertising hype. Their policies and operations are examples of self-interest and greed without an interest in its constituency.

Marshall Gish

I enjoy reading all the comments of your readers and the reviews of the various timeshares.

I have also been reading the ar- ticles regarding “points” and since I just had an unpleasant learning expe- rience, I would suggest that the point system should only be used within a particular system such as the one that Marriott operates, and not carried over with RCI and II. With Marriott you can alternate between converting to points

Jul/Aug, 2002

that never expire (staying with Marriott) or banking your week with Interval. This system makes sense.

About three years ago I bought a two-bedroom timeshare in the Hyatt Sierra Lodge. The week that I own is categorized as “copper” out of a se- lection of six seasons. It is one week before the actual high season. Some- how that has translated into “yellow” in the Interval International system, but this was not so originally. Initially the points were considered for ex- changes within the Hyatt group only. Now, with everyone going point happy II has gotten into the act and I find that the lovely, classy, large unit I en- joy at Lake Tahoe gets me next to nothing on the exchange circuit! Since I’m paying almost $800 annually, I am just a little bit angry. If this is what the point system is about, no thank you!

To further annoy me, I looked at the “Getaways” that were being of- fered online. I can actually avail my- self of a “Getaway” for a couple hun-

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