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ment and I don’t have to outlay any large amounts of cash for a pur- chase! I think that II should decide whether to be in the exchange busi- ness or the rental business.

Really, what all this says is: buy one timeshare and then take advan- tage of the Getaways! At the most, buy 2 timeshares and get the benefits offered by RCI also!

It’s time for someone to move in and run these exchanges in the proper way. We are currently turning over our timeshare weeks to II and/or RCI and losing all control. It is our money that has purchased these timeshares and some attempt to treat us as the valu- able customers we are should be made!

It would be interesting to hear other comments. If someone has paid very little for his/her timeshare and enjoys low assessments, they might be very happy with the system! Since I own 7 timeshares, with some bought as resales, I can see both sides, but it doesn’t keep me from seeing the in- equities!

Laura Houle We've been timeshare owners since 1987 and for the first ten years we had excellent success exchanging our Hawaii timeshare for weeks in Eu- rope. Now it is much harder to do this and more costly.

During May 2002 we accepted an offer to stay in Tahoe, CA and attend a Fairfield Resorts timeshare presen- tation. My notes follow:

  • They were selling a Las Vegas

timeshare bldg. but the presentation by Fairfield Resorts was in Tahoe, CA.. RCI catering to Fairfield; it's own com- pany and own resorts. Too bad about the rest of us who are members of RCI and not in the Fairfield organization.

  • The same resorts are in RCI.

Will owner's outside Fairfield ever get to go there on an exchange? No, far too little priority. Maybe while mar- keting/sales going on for selling pur- poses.

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  • All exchanges within Fairfield

resorts get first priority, especially if Fairfield VIP priority. Definitely have priority over other RCI members' re- quests.

  • They would buy or pay me

back future RCI membership dues. I guess would no longer need RCI at

all. What changes?




  • Really see those of us with

week-by-week exchanges short-changed in the future.


  • Costs $2500 to switch from

week-by-week to changed by RCI.




  • Just buy this Fairfield resort

and they would convert my weekly timeshare resort to points and I could use it in the Fairfield system of point exchange.

  • Even would let us pay $1,435

and get 188,000 points for one year period to try out system and eventu- ally hope I'd buy in at $12,000 or more.






points; can accumulate. A letter on page 19 of May/June Timesharing Today said their points expired annu-


I think RCI is really giving us a bad deal these days. The focus of the RCI/Cendant company has changed from exchanges to making money. Their fees are so high, I can save more money by just buying a week some- times at the same resorts. I'm very sorry my membership is paid up for so long, but I'm not going to deposit any more weeks in RCI. I've found other ways to get around them. Thank good- ness we're not dependent on RCI.

Elizabeth Barnett

It was already May when my hus- band and I decided on an August va- cation in Hawaii. We put in a search with RCI for properties on the island of Kauai, but by July we were still waiting. When I called to see about changing plans to another, more avail-

Jul/Aug, 2002

able destination, a savvy reservationist offered to search for Kauai proper- ties involved with RCI’s new points program.

As members of HGVC (Hilton Grand Vacations Club), we have ac- cess to RCI but don’t deal with them directly. We work only with HGVC agents who are polite, thorough, and always accessible. I was placed on hold for a few minutes since resorts in this new category need to be searched outside of the regular system, but the agent persevered and came up with a match.

I was able to book a three-night and a four-night back-to-back stay at a Gold Crown resort, Pahio at Kauai Beach Villas, for a single RCI ex- change fee of only $69. (Part of the agreement was an extra $85 house- keeping fee to be collected at the re- sort, but we were never charged—the Pahio staff seemed unaware of the fee.)

The opportunity for this exchange

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