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Jul/Aug, 2002

Use of Weeks Deposited by RCI Points Members

In a letter to RCI, the Editor of TimeSharing Today referenced an article about RCI’s rental pro- gram at RCIHolidayNetwork.com which stated that, “Timeshares exchanged by RCI members for RCI points . . . are put up for rental.” The Editor asked RCI:

Is this last statement accurate? Are weeks exchanged for RCI Points no longer in the exchange pool available to RCI Weeks members? Are these weeks available to RCI Points members? Do RCI Points mem- bers have access to weeks deposited for exchange by RCI Weeks mem- bers?

RCI’s response: In reference to your questions, RCI Points inventory is placed into the RCI Weeks inventory system to bal- ance the two when a Points member uses their points to access a unit from Weeks. When that happens, RCI moves a week of comparable value from Points into Weeks to ensure that Weeks members never have dimin- ished choices from which to choose arising from the use of Weeks inven- tory by Points members.

When an RCI Points member uses their points for something other than timeshare accommodations (i.e., air ticket, cruise, etc.), RCI provides that member with a vacation or service that RCI obtains through a cash purchase with that airline or cruiseline. RCI then places a week of inventory up for rental to recoup the costs associated with these purchases. RCI does not nec- essarily put up for rental the exact week owned by the RCI Points mem- ber who uses Points Partners. Rather, RCI identifies a week of equivalent value in which the supply is greatest so that the week that is put up for rental through the RCI Holiday Net- work does not diminish members’ op- portunities for exchange.

To clarify, the inventory available

on the RCI Holiday Network comes from the following sources:

  • Timeshare weeks provided by

developers which are supplied to RCI specifically for rental to the general public, in order to bring new potential customers to the specific resorts or for recovery of maintenance fees on de- linquent ownerships

  • From the pool of inventory cre-

ated by RCI Points member deposits used to book Points Partners, which provides the currency for purchasing alternative travel products at market prices;

  • RCI’s traditional marketable in-

ventory from developers who choose not to exercise their buy-back option; this surplus inventory results from the natural imbalance of supply and de- mand of resort weeks with expiration dates that would leave them unused if not rented;

  • From the weeks or timeshare

interests owned by consumers at re- sorts managed by RCI Resort Man- agement, which acts as a rental agent for owners looking to rent out their units, rather than participate in an ex- change program.

Are weeks exchanged for RCI Points no longer in the exchange pool available to RCI Weeks members? Are these weeks available to RCI Points members?

RCI Points inventory is available only to RCI Points members. RCI Weeks inventory may be utilized by either RCI Weeks members or RCI Points members. When an RCI Points member uses their points for a unit from RCI Weeks inventory, RCI takes a week of equivalent value from the RCI Points inventory and places it in the RCI Weeks inventory, so that pool is never diminished.

Let me know if you need any ad- ditional clarification.

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Att: Owners’ Associations, Resort Managers

Dozens of resorts are now participating in this great program.

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Let us know your mailing schedule and how many pieces you send out. We will provide your printer with camera-ready artwork for our 8.5” x 11” 2-sided insert. We reimburse you for the printing of our insert and up to 30 cents per piece for postage.

Sign up now: By email to staff@tstoday.com or by fax to 201-871-4305. Complete details, sample insert and application form at www.tstoday.com

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