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Warnings, Alerts, Heads Up

Furniture switch?

to make some calls anyway.

My wife and I have been owners at the Hona Koa vacation club for 14 years. In 2001 and 2002, we visited our home resort and stayed in the same unit both times.

In our stay in 2002, we found a very disturbing problem. In 2001, new living room furniture was installed and looked good. In our visit in 2002, all the new furniture and refurbished bed- room furniture was replaced with dirty, chipped, old faded units. The bedroom furniture was almost coming apart; the dresser replaced with a old single drawer from a double drawer dresser.

The property (Hona Koa) is man- aged by Consolidated Resorts Man- agement LLC which owns several large resorts a short distance from Hona Koa and uses the same furni- ture. The furniture used to replace the new furniture looks like the same fur- niture that was present when we pur- chased our time share. We want to let other Hona Koa owners know what is happening at their resort or other re- sorts managed by Consolidated Re- sorts Management.

Other owners of Hona Koa can contact me at lenpatt26@yahoo.com.

Leonard Patulski, Milwaukee, WI

High phone charges

At La Cabana resort in Aruba, was blocked from using my AT&T calling card from my room phone, and from the island operator. The in-room phone cover plate contained an ad that offered to make long distance calls to the US and charge it to the credit card. The resort offered no other way to make a call. I could not get anyone to tell me how much the rates were.

Since I was in the process of sell- ing my house back home, I was forced

Well, my Visa card statement has arrived. The service charged $39.81 for every short call, and $74.58 for a 20-minute call. This scam is obviously complicit with the resort itself, as they blocked any other way of my calling out. I warn the readers to not make long distance calls at the resort. Go outside to a pay phone.

Bill DeBussey, Elk Grove, CA

Sales ploy

We have been Peppertree own- ers since 1982. We converted to the points system with the Peppertree Vacation Club which was purchased by Equivest which in turn was sold to Cendant. When we returned from our recent vacation, we found the latest edition of TimeSharing Today in the mail containing an article on the Cendant acquiring of Trendwest and other resorts. I want to report on our first contact with Cendant represen- tatives.

When we were at the Peppertree Ocean Club in early May, we were invited to meet with a guest service representative. He stressed that he was not a salesman. He was there to tell us of the benefits gained now that we were part of the Cendant Time- share Vacation Group. It sounded good. We would now have access to the Fairfield and Trendwest resorts as well as the ability to use points for ho- tels, car rentals, and other businesses owned by Cendant.

Then he told us that Cendant will not convert Equivest points to Cendant points unless we purchased additional Cendant points. The minimum pur- chase was 2,000 points at $9/point, $18,000! When we declined the offer, he started talking faster and louder.

Jul/Aug, 2002

When we still declined, he called in his supervisor who offered us an incre- mental purchase of 700 points at $6/ point, $4,200. We still declined. As I understand the situation, we will be lim- ited to access to the 29 Equivest re- sorts.

I just wanted to alert other Equivest owners that Cendant’s offer to attend a guest services meeting is nothing more than a ploy to sell more points.

Wayne Stanko, Asheville, NC

Kahana Falls

We were put in a rear building that was converted from servants’ quar- ters to timeshares. These weeks sold for far less than the main building. They were the worst accommodations we have had in years. We decided to tough it out, but regretted it.

When exchanging to Kahana Falls, don’t take the “servants’ quarters.”

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