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Jul/Aug, 2002

West Coast Points

By Byron Wiegand, President, Timeshare Resale Alliance La Jolla, CA

Points! Points! Everywhere you look there are more Points! This is a follow up article to my article appear- ing in the Mar/Apr 2002 Issue of TimeSharing Today # 62 – “It all de- pends” . Briefly I said that the RCI Points System was new and bore watching prior to jumping in. It all depends on how committed RCI is to making the system work in the long haul. It is still nearly brand new. I suggested a wait and see approach in spite of their pressures to “Buy now before it is too late.”

In the meantime, there are some points systems with which I have di- rect experience out here on the West Coast and can offer an opinion, so lets cover them.


Multi-Resort Ownership Plan isn’t technically a Points system, but it has a great deal of flexibility like them. Of all of these types of plans any- where, this one seems to offer the most “bang for the buck.” There are over 26 resorts in the system so far, with more being added all the time. Loca- tions include the Kuleana Club in Lahaina, Maui (a great property), Houseboats on Lake Powell (one of a kind, as no one else has this), Cancun, Puerto Vallarta and Acapulco in Mexico, Florida, Utah, Wyoming, Texas, New Orleans, California, beachfront, desert, mountain and many other locations.

The timeshares are actually owned outright by the Owner’s Association, so there is no concern that the club could ever “disappear”. (Always fol- low the property ownership of Club

type properties!)

The most impressive thing about this Plan is that it has been in business for over 25 years and is rock solid stable with a large satisfied Owner Base. Further, the prices are so low that it costs about the same to be in this Points Club as it costs to “con- vert” your ownership in any other re- sort to the RCI Points System and you don’t have to give up anything of your already owned timeshares.

Flexibility is available with larger and smaller units and a range of sea- sons but they are more dictated by the resort selection. You can split your week. There is no time limit on the Club and if you decide to discontinue it, you just drop out and the dues (cur- rently only $350 per year) stop. Ex- changes within the system are free. M.R.O.P. is a member of RCI and In- terval International so you have access

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