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Use of implementation resource materials:

  • Many agencies find it useful for the implementation leader and agency staff to familiarize themselves with the structure and processes of the practice by visiting an existing program. Before a site visit, the implementation leader and clinical supervisor(s) should review:

  • Information for Practitioners and Clinical Supervisors

  • Information for Mental Health Program Leaders

  • Implementation Tips for Mental Health Program Leaders

  • Workbook for Practitioners and Clinical Supervisors

  • Materials that support training and clinical supervision

  • Workbook for Practitioners and Clinical Supervisors

  • Practice demonstration videotapes

  • PowerPoint training presentation (available from the West Institute)

Trainers may also serve as consultants to the administrators of the program. This includes demonstrating the usefulness of outcomes data as a clinical feedback tool.

Monitoring and evaluation

Sustaining change: How to maintain and extend the gains

  • establish a mechanism for continuous feedback regarding how the practice is being

provided in an agency

  • publicize outcome improvements from the practice

  • use fidelity scales to monitor the practice implementation

Monitoring and evaluation occur in several ways. First, the use of consultants to provide side-by-side, ongoing consultation during the first one to two years of the program is very helpful. Consultants who are experienced in the practice can recognize problems and recommend changes to address them.

Use of implementation resource materials:

It is useful for programs to become comfortable early on with the measures that will be used for monitoring and evaluating the delivery of the practice: outcome measures and the fidelity scale. The information collected can be used not only to identify areas that are problematic, but also to identify areas of excellence. Feedback from these measures may be used to promote and strengthen clinical and programmatic effectiveness.

A Word about Terminology

Terms used in the Implementation Resource Kit materials

The materials were developed by people from a variety of backgrounds and perspectives. During development, it became evident that many different terms are used to describe the key stakeholders. For the sake of clarity and consistency, in most instances common terms are used to identify these groups throughout the implementation resource kits. In some situations more precise, or alternative, terminology is used. For instance, in the Supported Employment implementation resource kit, the term 'employment specialist' is often used rather than "practitioner."

Family Psychoeducation Toolkit


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