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Start-up costs are higher due to learning time and effort, initial single family sessions and the educational workshop. Each subsequent multifamily group requires less effort, as the learning curve flattens. Single-family format is roughly twice the cost per consumer.

To introduce the program

The initial implementation costs are about $250 per practitioner for staff recruitment, preparation, and associated costs for training. Other agency costs include agency administration time, and staff time while participating in skills training, supervision and consultation activities.

What do people say about FPE?

The (consumer) is much better, more active, more aware of his illness and [he exerts] more control over recognizing prodromal symptoms and getting help early on. - L.B., FPE practitioner

The experience of this group has shown us again and again the truth of the old cliche, that we are not alone. - John and Susan, parents of a daughter who has mental illness

The rewards of implementing these groups include watching the families become stronger, more skilled, lighter; watching people with schizophrenia improve in functioning. -An Acadia Hospital administrator

Sample Medicaid Reimbursement Regulations and Code:

Proposed Descriptors of Family Psychoeducation The following language has been used to establish a special case-rate reimbursement methodology in the State of Maine.

Eligible Recipients

Those Medicaid recipients who are eligible to receive family psychoeducation include general and specific requirements as defined and elaborated in Sections 17.02-1,2 and 3. Persons meeting all other requirements but who are under the age of 18 will also be included as eligible.


The practitioners eligible to provide family psychoeducation under Medicaid reimbursement include mental health professionals as defined in Chapter II, Section 17.09-1 and designated community support providers as defined in 17.09-2.

Covered services

Covered services include family psychoeducation provided in multifamily groups and in single family sessions. Covered services include family psychoeducation as defined under program elements provided to caretaking relatives and/or non-related caretaking persons, as well as to the eligible person. Covered services may be provided to the participating persons with or without the eligible person being present, if all other program requirements and elements are being provided.

Family Psychoeducation Toolkit


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