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The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administrations (SAMHSA) Center for Mental Health Services (CMHS) is a proud sponsor of this implementation resource kit for Family Psychoeducation. As the federal agency responsible for promoting the quality, availability, and accessibility of services for people with mental illness, CMHS is responsible for identifying treatments for mental illness that work. The materials in this resource kit document the evidence for the effectiveness of Family Psychoeducation and provide detailed information to help communities to implement the practice in real world settings. During development of the implementation resource kit, we placed special emphasis on 1) strengthening the consensus-building process, 2) expanding the involvement of consumers and families, 3) including practical orientation to issues involving service organization and financing, and 4) insisting on paying careful attention to issues of ethnic and cultural sensitivity and overall cultural competence. We are well pleased with the result.

Many other organizations contributed to developing this implementation resource kit. This broad coalition of researchers, providers, administrators, policy makers, consumers and family members, gives the resource kit its strength and vitality. We are especially appreciative of the support provided by The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation that sponsored the early stages of the Project, when evidence-based Family Psychoeducation was identified as a practice ready for widespread implementation. We agreed. This evidence-based practice has been consistently shown to reduce relapse rates of people who have mental illnesses and live with their families. CMHS has found the role of family members to be vital for assuring quality care for many consumers. Family psychoeducation is a proven way to engage family members, to relieve family tensions regarding mental illness, and to improve outcomes for consumers.

This implementation resource kit reflects the current state-of-the-art concerning evidence- based Family Psychoeducation. It addresses both the key ingredients of the clinical model and many practical considerations essential for successful implementation. It also describes the need for each community to adapt the model to its particular needs and characteristics. Careful attention to unique community needs, coupled with fidelity to the key ingredients of the practice, equals successful implementation. The closer the kit user comes to following the implementation resource kit guidance, the more likely the practice will yield good results for consumers.

As mental health services research and evaluation progress, CMHS hopes to support the development of implementation resource kits for additional evidence-based practices, and to refine this and other previously-developed resource kits to take new evidence into account. Indeed, evaluation of planned pilot projects for implementing this resource kit and associated implementation strategies will tell us much about how to make improvements in future versions. We hope that this and other evidence-based practice implementation resource kits will be helpful to communities across the nation as they strive to provide the most effective services possible for persons suffering from mental illness.


Welcome to the Family Psychoeducation implementation resource kit. It has been produced by the Implementing Evidence-Based Practices Project as part of an effort to promote treatment practices in community mental health service settings that are known to be effective in supporting the recovery of adults with severe mental illnesses. The goal: to improve the lives of consumers by increasing the availability of effective mental health services.

Family Psychoeducation Toolkit


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