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  • Advocating cases to staff

  • Monitoring caseloads

  • Arranging for staff training

  • Training and preparing new staff

  • Arranging supervision for staff


Delivery of services to families must be subject to accountability and tracking. One effective way for mental health centers to monitor the delivery of family services is to create a position of Family Intervention Coordinator, who would also serve as the contact person for interventions, facilitate communication between staff and families, and supervise clinicians.

Sources of Information

The first obvious question is whether the organization has someone who has a title or family coordinator or equivalent. This should be determined prior to the site visit. During the fidelity visit, interview program coordinator, clinicians, and family members.

Item Response Coding

Program coordinator is the primary source of information for this item. If other sources do not report these responsibilities performed the coordinator, then fidelity assessors should follow up with program coordinator with clarifying questions and documentation (at end of the fidelity visit day or in follow-up call). If the program does not have a designated position of coordinator (or equivalent), the item would be coded as 1. If the program has a designated position of coordinator who performs all 6 tasks, the item would be coded as a 5.

Probe Questions

For program coordinator What is your role in the FPE program? How much time do you devote to this? What kinds of responsibilities do you have? (Check which of the 6 tasks are performed by coordinator. Probe who performs tasks that were not mentioned, e.g., What are your programs family intake and engagement procedures? Who monitors caseload? Who trains your staff? How is the training done?)

Ask program coordinator to explain intake procedures, monitoring, training schedule, and supervision schedule.

For clinicians What functions does the program coordinator perform? Does anyone have responsibility for each of the following?

For family members What functions does the program coordinator perform?

2. Session Frequency for Family Psychoeducation

Definition Families participate in at least biweekly FPE sessions.

Family Psychoeducation Toolkit


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