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Probe Questions

For program coordinator and clinicians How long do family members attend FPE before they graduate? Do you have a list of the Do you have attendance rosters, calendar of events, or other documentation to verify this?

For family members How long attended FPE? How long do you intend to attend?

4. Quality of Clinician-Family Alliance


In individual or group sessions (approximately three sessions), the clinician engages family members and consumer with warmth, empathy, acceptance, and attention to each individuals needs and desires.


When the alliance between clinician and family members is poor, family members are less likely participate fully or at all in FPE programs and, as a result, are less likely to benefit from FPE interventions.

Sources of Information

Interviews with clinician and family members, session observation.

Item Response Coding

The primary source for rating this item is direct observation. This item requires clinical judgment and is based on the fidelity assessors experience. Negative indicators would include comments in interviews, FPE sessions, or charts expressing judgmental or blaming attitudes. If sources consistently indicate a strong clinician-family alliance for all FPE clinicians, the item would be coded as a 5.

Probe Questions

For clinicians How do you establish rapport or develop an alliance with family members? How would you rate or describe your alliance with Family X (select one family with whom the clinician works) in general? Are there any family members with whom you feel your relationship is counterproductive or poor?

For family members How would you describe your relationship with Clinician X? Do you feel that he/she has worked to establish a good relationship with you? What has he/she done to connect with you? What has he/she done that makes it more difficult for you to work with him/her? What would you change about your working relationship with Clinician X to make it better?

Family Psychoeducation Toolkit


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