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5. Detailed Family Reactions


In individual or group sessions, the clinician(s) identify and specify the familys reaction to their relatives mental illness.


A core principle of FPE is to help family members achieve a basic understanding of SMI as well as to resolve family conflict by listening and responding sensitively to each members emotional distress related to having a family member with an SMI.

Sources of Information

Chart review of treatment plan and interviews with coordinator, clinicians, and families.

Item Response Coding

The primary data source for this item is the treatment plans in the chart review. If documented for 80% or more of involved families, and these findings are corroborated by coordinator, supervisor, clinicians, and families, the item would be coded as a 5.

Probe Questions

For program coordinator and clinicians In the FPE sessions, do you address how families react emotionally or behaviorally to their family members illness? What sorts of issues do you discuss? What sorts of activities do you engage in to help them deal with their reactions? Use a client chart for a family member seen by each clinician and ask the clinician to explain the specifics, including where in the chart this is documented.

For family members Do you spend time in the sessions discussing how you feel and react in regards to the illness? Does the clinician lead you in activities to help you deal with your feelings/reactions?

6. Precipitating Factors


In individual or group sessions, the clinician(s) identify and specify precipitating factors to their relatives mental illness.


Exploration of factors that have precipitated relapse in the past is a crucial step to developing individualized relapse prevention and illness management strategies. Involving the consumer and the family as equal partners in the planning and delivery of treatment is a core principle of FPE.

Family Psychoeducation Toolkit


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