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What is an implementation resource kit?

An implementation resource kit is a set of materials-written documents, videotapes, PowerPoint presentations, and a website-that support implementation of a particular treatment practice.

Specific materials in this resource kit have been developed for each of the key stakeholder groups involved in the implementation effort:

  • consumers of mental health services

  • family members and other supporters

  • practitioners and clinical supervisors

  • program leaders of mental health programs

  • public mental health authorities

Research has shown that providing practice guidelines to practitioners alone does not change practice. Change is most likely to occur and be sustained if all the major stakeholders in the mental health system are engaged and involved in the process of change. Therefore the materials and guidelines in this implementation resource kit are geared toward five different stakeholder groups. The materials for each specific stakeholder group were either written by representatives of that group or in close collaboration with them.

The resource kit materials are also designed to address three stages of change:

  • engaging and motivating for change (why do it)

  • developing skills and supports to implement change (how to do it)

What is an implementation package?

  • sustaining the change (how to

maintain and extend the gains)

An implementation package is a set of implementation materials (the resource kit) combined with complementary training and consultation that support implementation of the evidence- based practice. The resource kit materials are designed to be most effective when used with consultative and training services. As part of the Implementing Evidence-Based Practices Project, EBP implementation centers are being established in various states across the country to provide consultation and training.

How was this implementation resource kit developed?

A team made up of multiple stakeholders developed each resource kit: researchers, clinicians, program managers and administrators, consumers, and family members. Documents oriented toward specific stakeholder groups were either written by the stakeholders or in close collaboration with them. A consensus panel, also comprised of multiple stakeholders, reviewed the materials developed for all of the six implementation resource kits to ensure consistency of presentation and attention to the various perspectives of the different constituencies.

Family Psychoeducation Toolkit


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