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Linda Henriksson, Annika Hulten, Hannu Laaksonen, Pavan Ramkumar, Conference Greetings from SfN, San Diego, Dec 3

Lauri Nurminen, Prediction of single-cell receptive field properties from fMRI data, Nov 26

Topi Tanskanen, From local to global: cortical dynamics of contour integration, Nov 19

Iiro Jääskeläinen, LCE, Short-term plasticity in auditory cognition, Nov 5

Jan Kujala, BBQ, Localization and characterization of rhythmic activity and cortico-cortical connectivity with magnetoencephalography, Oct 29

Tiina Parviainen, Cortical correlates of language perception - neuromagnetic studies in adults and children, Oct 15

Jouko Lampinen, LCE, Bayesian approach for studying the brain, Oct 8

Tiina Parviainen, BBQ, Oct 4

Liisa Helle, Lotta Hirvenkari, Tom Rosenström, Antti Tanner, Students present their work, Oct 1

Mika Seppä, BBQ, Sep 11

Harri Valpola, LCE, Reverse engineering the brain, Sep 10

Päivi Helenius, Annika Hulten, Miiu Saarela, Conference greetings, Sep 3

Paolo Belardinelli, University of Chieti, Italy, From where to how: A wayfinding to neural functions, Aug 21

Cathy Nangini, Primary somatosensory cortex as seen by fMRI and MEG: a simple model, Aug 20

Veli-Matti Saarinen, Marika Kaksonen, Eye tracking: Equipment and methods, Jun 11

Aapo Nummenmaa, LCE, Sparse neuromagnetic inverse solutions via hierarchical Bayesian modeling, Jun 4

Alard Roebroeck, Department of Cognitive Neuroscience, Faculty of Psychology, Maastricht University, The Netherlands, Magnetic resonance imaging of brain connectivity: Diffusion tensor imaging and granger causality, May 21

BRU Seniors, Center of Excellence SAB meeting, May 14

Lauri Parkkonen, State-of-the-art minimum norm estimation in MEG source modelling: Introduction to the 'MNE suite' free software package, May 7

Pavan Ramkumar, Marja-Liisa Halko, Päivi Helenius, Literature review, Apr 23

Marc Schoenwiesner, Department of Neuropsychology, Montreal Neurological Institute, Canada, Spatial perception and pattern recognition in the hearing system, Apr 16

Ole Jensen, F.C. Donders Centre for Cognitive Neuroimaging, The Netherlands, The role of posterior alpha activity for neuronal processing and the generation of ERFs, Mar 29

Satu Lamminmäki, Auditory system. Frequency tagging of natural stimuli, Mar 26

Jaakko Järvinen, Recovery of light responses in mouse rod photoreceptors recorded with the suction pipette, Mar 19

Mia Liljeström, Action and object naming, Mar 12

Sanna Malinen, Miiamaaria Saarela, Reviews of recent literature, Mar 5

Antti Yli-Krekola, LCE, A bioinspired computational model of covert attention and learning, Feb 26

Teemu Rinne, Department of Psycology, University of Helsinki, The effect of attention on human auditory cortex and the inferior colliculus, Feb 21

Katri Koskentalo, LCE, Brain activation networks during natural viewing conditions, Feb 5

Annual Report 2007

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