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Poster, Carbon nanotube Josephson junctions in the Fabry-Pérot and the Kondo regime, Spin & Qubit 2007, Copenhagen, Denmark (28.8.)  Oral presentation, Gate-controlled superconductivity in multiwall carbon nanotubes, CARDEQ Review Meeting, Barcelona, Spain (26. - 29.4.)  Lecture, Hacking on the nanoscale - Dual beam devices for rapid prototyping and reverse engineering, Chaos Communication Camp 2007, Berlin, Germany (8. - 12.8.)  Participation, Nanosciemce Seminar, National Graduate School for Nanoscience, (9. - 11.12.)  Participation, 2. FIB Workshop: Focused Ion Beams in Research, Science, and Technology, Graz, Austria (2. - 3.7.)  Participation, EFUG Meeting 2007, Arcachon (Bordeaux), France (8.10.)  Participation, European FIB User Group Meeting 2007, Arcachon (Bordeaux), France (8.10.) 


Participation, Independent Component Analysis at the Neuroimaging Cocktail Party, Maastricht, Netherlands (12. - 13.3.) 


Participation, "NanoFridge" kick-off meeting, Grenoble, France (15. - 16.1.)  Participation, 2nd Meeting of the NanoFridge Project, Pisa, Italy (10. - 12.12.) 


Oral presentation, Suspended SINIS structures, 2nd Meeting of the NanoFridge Project, Pisa, Italy (10. - 12.12.) 


Invited talk, Recent progress on Cooper pair sluice, EUROMET Experts Meeting, Espoo, Finland (25. - 27.6.) Poster, Equivalent qubit dynamics under classical and quantum noise, XLI Annual Conference of the Finnish Physical Society, Tallin, Estonia (15. - 17.3.)  Poster, Vortex pumping in dilute Bose-Einstein condensates, Bose-Einstein Condensation 2007: Frontiers in Quantum Gases, Sant Feliu, Spain (15. - 20.6.)  


Invited talk, Nanoelectronics at Low Temperature Laboratory, ELKOM 07 ECT Forum, Messuhalli, Helsinki, Finland (4. - 6.9.)  Oral presentation, Closing the metrological triangle, March Meeting of American Physical Society, Denver, Colorado, USA (5. - 9.3.)  Oral presentation, How to select competitive research topics, 50th Birthday Seminar of Esko Kauppinen, TKK, Espoo, Finland (31.8.)  Oral presentation, Nanoelectronics at Low Temperature Laboratory, TUTKAS seminar, TKK, Espoo, Finland (19.9.)  Lecture, From transistor to single electron transistor, Reunion of 1967 Physics Class, Nuclear power station at Olkiluoto, Finland (24.8.)  Lecture, The future of nanotechnology, Colloquium series on the challenges of new technologies, National Institute on Occupational Health, Helsinki, Finland (22.10.)  Lecture, From transistor to single electron transistor, The Board Meeting of Finnish Science Writers Union, TKK, Espoo, Finland (20.11.) 

Annual Report 2007

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