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Lecture, Research mindset, NRC CTC PhD Program Kick-Off, Helsinki, Finland (24.9.) Participation, Annual Meeting of Royal Society of Arts and Sciences in Göteborg, Göteborg, Sweden (24.1.)  Participation, Council and Commission Chairs Meeting of IUPAP, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil (4. - 6.10.)


Participation, Nobel 2007 Physics in Helsinki: Professor Grünberg's lecture at House of Estates, followed by a formal dinner, Helsinki, Finland (17.12.) 


Invited talk, Cortical correlates of language perception - neuromagnetic studies in adults and children, The Science of Aphasia VIII, Monopoli, Italy (14. - 19.9.)  Oral presentation, Cortical processing of speech and nonspeech sounds in 7- to 8 -year-old children, 9th Nordic Meeting in Neuropsychology, Göteborg, Sweden (19. - 22.8.) 


Invited talk, Flux and charge controlled Cooper pair pumping, Quantum Pumping, Haifa, Israel (6. - 13.1.)  Invited talk, Electrons, phonons and photons in nanostructures at low temperatures, UMK, Center for New Materials, Colloquium, Espoo, TKK, Finland (21.3.)  Invited talk, Refrigeration, energy relaxation and thermometry in electronic mesoscopic structures, kTlog2: Fluctuations Theorems and the Physics of Information, Segovia, Spain (2. - 5.5.)  Invited talk, Nanoelektroniikkaa, Elektroniikkainsinöörien seuran kokous, Espoo, TKK, Finland (9.5.)  Invited talk, Wide-band detection of the 3rd moment of shot noise by a hysteretic Josephson junction, Fluctuations and Phase Transitions in Superconductors, Nazareth Ilit, Israel (10. - 14.6.)  Invited talk, Thermodynamics and refrigeration with electrons in mesoscopics, Colloquium at Weizmann Institute, Weizmann Institute, Rehovot, Israel (14.6.)  Invited talk, Refrigeration with mesoscopics, Annual General Meeting of the Low Temperature Group, Institute of Physics, London, IOP, UK (26.6.)  Invited talk, Observation of shot noise and its third moment with a Josephson junction threshold detector, Nanoscopic Transport: Quantum Noise, Josephson Junctions, and Molecular Electronics, Freiburg, Germany (1. - 3.11.)  Invited talk, Thermometry by micro- and nano-devices, Quantum Metrology and Fundamental Constants, Les Houches, France (2. - 12.10.)  Invited talk, Metal - superconductor tunnel junctions as kT and e pumps, Linnaeus Colloquium, Göteborg, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden (11.10.)  Invited talk, Thermodynamics and refrigeration with electrons in mesoscopics, Department seminar, University of Regensburg, Germany (7.12.)  Oral presentation, Activities of the LTL group in Nanofridge in 2007, NanoFridge Progress Meeting, Pisa, Italy (11.12.)  Oral presentation, Hybrid superconducting nano-refrigerators, Physics of Nanoscale Superconducting Heterostructures, Lorentz Cetre, Leiden, the Netherlands (2. - 6.7.)  Lecture, Nanoelektroniikkaa, TUTKAS vierailee Micronovassa, Espoo, Micronova TKK, Finland (19.9.) 

Annual Report 2007

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