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(4) Nothing in this Part shall be construed so as to preclude the holder of one class of licence from obtaining concurrently a different class of licence in respect of the same premises.

[Section 9 amended by 1989 : 63 effective 2 January 1990, by 1997 : 24 effective 14 July 1997; and by 1998 : 9 effective 15 May 1998]

Persons to whom licences may be granted


(1) Where an application for a licence is made by an individual, such licence, if

granted, shall be issued to the applicant.

(2) Where an application for a licence is made by an unincorporated club such licence, if granted, shall—

  • (a)

    in the case of a members’ club, be issued to the officers thereof; or

  • (b)

    in the case of a proprietary club, be issued to the proprietor thereof,

(3) Where an application for a licence is made by a body corporate, such licence shall, if granted, be issued to the body corporate in its corporate name and in the event of any contravention of this Act by a body corporate any penalties imposed under this Act shall be enforceable against the body corporate or against the directors or other officers jointly and severally, or in the case of an incorporated club, against the members of the committee of management thereof jointly and severally.

  • (4)

    The following persons shall be disqualified for holding a licence—

    • (a)

      a minor;

    • (b)

      any person who has been convicted—

        • (i)

          of a contravention of section 2(1) of this Act; or

        • (ii)

          of a criminal offence, conviction of which involves a finding that the person convicted committed fraud or some other dishonesty; or

      • (iii)

        of an offence under section 154 or 155 of the Criminal Code (keeping a brothel or keeping a common gaming house);

    • (c)

      any person serving in Her Majesty’s Forces in Bermuda or any member of the Bermuda Police Service:

Provided that this subsection shall not prevent the grant or transfer of a licence to a club the members or officers of which include persons disqualified under this subsection.

(5) The captain may not be the holder of a Tour Boat Licence unless he is also either the owner or the manager of the boat in question.

[Section 10 amended by 1997:37 effective 6 May 1999; by 1998:9 effective 15 May 1998; subsection (4) (a) amended by 2001:20 s.7(1) & Sch 2 effective 1 November 2001; subsection (4)(a) deleted and substituted by 2014 : 9 s. 3 effective 1 October 2014]


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