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building which it is intended to construct or alter as the licensing authority may consider necessary to enable it to deal with the application.

(4) Where the licensing authority receives an application for the grant of a provisional licence, and is satisfied—

  • (a)

    that the application is made in good faith; and

  • (b)

    that the plans or specifications submitted to them are such as to enable

them to deal with the application,

then, subject to this section, the licensing authority may grant to the applicant a provisional licence.

(5) The provisions of this Part shall apply, with necessary variations, to the grant or transfer of a provisional licence as they apply in relation to the grant or transfer of a licence.

(6) A provisional licence shall be granted subject to the condition that it shall cease to have effect after a day appointed by the licensing authority and specified in the provisional licence, being the last day of the period (hereinafter referred to as “the constructional period”) within which, in the opinion of the licensing authority, the completion of the construction or alteration of the building, in accordance with the plans and specifications submitted to the licensing authority, may reasonably be expected:

Provided that the chairman may in any particular case, on the application of the holder of the provisional licence, and if it appears to him to be equitable to do so, endorse the provisional licence so as to appoint a later day than the day previously appointed, and on the provisional licence being so endorsed the constructional period shall be deemed to be extended accordingly.

(7) Where a provisional licence has been granted, the licensing authority, on the application of the holder of the provisional licence—

    • (a)

      may consent to amendments or variations of any plans or specifications submitted to it in connection with the application for the provisional licence;

    • (b)

      may transfer the provisional licence to another person;

    • (c)

      may alter the provisional licence so that it relates to another class of licence than the class to which it previously related.

  • (8)

    At any time before the expiration of the constructional period the holder of a

provisional licence may apply to the licensing authority for the grant of a licence of the class of the provisional licence; and, subject as hereinafter provided, this Act shall apply in relation to the application and in relation to the decision of the licensing authority with respect to the application and generally in relation to procedure and in all other respects as if the application had not been preceded by the grant of a provisional licence.

(9) In this section “building” includes any terrace, lawn, garden or grounds immediately adjacent to and used with a building; and any reference to the construction or


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