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alteration of a building shall be deemed to include a reference to the laying out, adaptation or preparation of any such terrace, lawn, garden or grounds.

Grant of licences subject to conditions


(1) The following conditions shall be observed with respect to the grant of


  • (a)

    the licensing authority shall be satisfied—

      • (i)

        that the applicant is of good character and is a fit and proper person to be entrusted with the sale of intoxicating liquor;

    • (ii)

      where a manager is appointed, that such manager is a fit and proper person to be entrusted with the management of licensed premises;

    • (iii)

      that the premises are suitably located and well designed; and

    • (iv)

      that there are no sustainable objections to the grant of the licence to the applicant and, in particular, no such objections, raised by or on behalf of persons owning or occupying neighbouring property, based on any of the following anticipated grounds— (aa) undue noise; (bb) disruption of the traffic flow;

        • (cc)

          accumulation of trash;

(dd) disturbance attributable to alcohol misuse;

    • (b)

      every licence shall be granted in respect of certain specified premises on which alone it shall be lawful to sell intoxicating liquor and the licence shall contain a particular description of such premises;

    • (c)

      premises in respect of which a Licence (B) is granted shall have no internal or private communication with any other building or premises, but shall consist either of the whole of an entirely detached building or of one or more rooms having no internal or private communication with any other building, room or premises.

  • (2)

    A licence for premises other than an hotel shall be authority for the sale of

intoxicating liquor only in the parts of the premises delineated in plans submitted to the licensing authority under section 13 and approved by the authority as parts of the premises in which such liquor is permitted to be sold.

(3) In considering the fitness of a body corporate to hold a licence, the licensing authority shall have regard to the fitness of the directors of the body corporate or other persons having executive control over it as if the licence were held by them jointly.

(4) Where any change (however made) occurs in the management, or in the control of the management, of licensed premises, the holder of the licence shall forthwith supply to the licensing authority in writing details of the change.


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