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(3) Notwithstanding subsection (1), where the holder of a Restaurant Licence engages the services of a disc jockey, or has a live band or live music on the licensed premises after 10:00 p.m., the holder of the licence, his servant or agent shall examine, commencing at 11:00 p.m., the photographic identification of any person seeking entry to the licensed premises who appears to be a minor before granting access.

(4) In this section “photographic identification” means identification which bears a photograph of the person, his date of birth and a holographic mark and includes —

    • (a)

      a valid driver’s licence;

    • (b)

      a valid passport; or

    • (c)

      other valid government issued identification.

  • (5)

    Where a person is required to provide photographic identification as proof of

age and fails to produce any photographic identification, a licensed person, his servant or agent shall—

  • (a)

    refuse to sell or supply intoxicating liquor to that person; or

  • (b)

    refuse entry to that person, and

shall require him to leave the licensed premises. [Section 17A inserted by 2014 : 9 s. 4 effective 1 October 2014]

Special conditions with respect to grant, etc. of particular classes of licence


(1) No licence, other than a Licence (A) or Restricted Licence (A), shall be granted

or transferred unless the applicant produces to the licensing authority a certificate granted by the Chief Medical Officer certifying that the premises in respect of which the application is made are furnished with sufficient and suitable sanitary accommodation for the use of patrons of both sexes and that the sanitary condition of the premises is satisfactory in every respect.

(1A) A Licence (A) shall not be granted in respect of premises that are not either a grocery store or a liquor store.

(1B) A licence shall not authorise the sale of any miniature at a grocery store. (1C) In this section— “grocery store” means premises where—

  • (a)

    the main activity is the sale of food provisions for consumption off the premises; but

  • (b)

    intoxicating liquor is also sold from a discrete and separate part of the premises;

“liquor store” means premises where the main activity is the sale of intoxicating liquor, or of products directly associated with the consumption of intoxicating liquor, for consumption or use off the premises;

“miniature” means a container containing ten centilitres of alcohol or less.


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