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subsection (2) within forty-eight hours computed from the time written notice of the requirement was delivered at the club premises.

(5) If any licensed members’ club pays any dividend or refund of dues or subscriptions to the members thereof or makes default in complying with the requirements of subsection (4), the licence granted in respect of the club shall forthwith be forfeited.

(6) If the secretary of a licensed members’ club produces to the Commissioner of Police any book, being a book which he is required to produce under subsection (4), which is false or incorrect in any material particular, he commits an offence:

Punishment on summary conviction: a fine of $200.

(7) Provided that it shall be a defence for any person charged with an offence under this subsection to prove—

  • (a)

    that he did not know and had no reasonable cause to believe that the book in question was false or incorrect; and

  • (b)

    that he had taken reasonable steps to ensure that the book was not false or incorrect.

(7A) The facilities of a members’ club shall not be extended to a new member until 48 hours after the person obtains membership of the club.

(7B) Where a membership facility of a members’ club is extended to a member within 48 hours of obtaining membership of the club, the new member to whom the membership facility is extended and the person who extended the membership facility each commit an offence and each of them is liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding $300.

(7C) The president or the secretary of a members’ club or both of them shall be deemed to be liable for any contravention of this Act by—

(a) a servant or agent of a members’ club while acting in the course of duty; or

(b) any person acting on behalf of the club,

unless they can prove that they took reasonable care and attention to prevent the contravention.

(8) The provisions of this section, except paragraphs (b) and (c) of subsection (1), shall apply in relation to a proprietary club as they apply in relation to a members’ club as if for references to the secretary there were substituted references to the proprietor.

[Section 19 amended by 2010 : 29 s. 3 effective 1 June 2010]

Duty to maintain conditions under which licence granted


(1) Where a licence has been granted or transferred, upon the licensing authority

being satisfied that certain conditions exist or certain requirements are being fulfilled in respect of the licensed premises, the holder of the licence shall fully comply with such conditions and continue to fulfil such requirements at all times during the subsistence of the licence, and, in the case of the holder of a Hotel, Restaurant or Night Club Licence, shall


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