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  • (b)

    produce his certificate for inspection at the request of any police officer or other person having reasonable grounds to ask for it.

    • (3)

      A licensed person who fails to comply with subsection (1) or a manager,

supervisor or a person in charge of a bar from which alcohol is provided or sold for consumption on the licensed premises who fails to comply with subsection (2) commits an offence and is liable on summary conviction, to a fine not exceeding $3,000.

[Section 39B inserted by 2010 : 29 s. 4 effective 1 June 2010]

Miscellaneous offences with respect to conduct of licensed premises


  • (1)

    Any licensed person—

    • (a)

      who on his licensed premises sells to any police officer or treats him to any intoxicating liquor during the time such police officer is on duty to the knowledge of such person or his servant; or

    • (b)

      who refuses or fails to admit to his licensed premises on demand, any police officer when acting in the execution of his duty and demanding admission in that capacity; or

    • (c)

      who permits the playing of any unlawful game on his licensed premises; or

    • (d)

      who permits his licensed premises to be kept or to be used as a brothel; or

    • (e)

      who permits any drunkenness, or any violent, quarrelsome or disorderly conduct on his licensed premises, or on any other premises in his occupation adjoining or contiguous thereto; or

    • (f)

      who, on his licensed premises, sells or serves any intoxicating liquor to, or for consumption by, any minor, or allows any minor to consume intoxicating liquor; or

    • (g)

      who sells any intoxicating liquor to any person who is drunk, or knowingly sells intoxicating liquor to another person for consumption by such drunken person; or

  • (h)

    who allows any person who is drunk to remain on the licensed premises, or on any other premises in his occupation adjoining or contiguous thereto; or

  • (i)

    who allows his licensed premises, or any premises in his occupation adjoining or contiguous thereto, to be the resort of notorious bad characters or reputed prostitutes or persons under the influence of any controlled drug as defined in the Misuse of Drugs Act 1972 [title 11 item 4], or allows any such persons to remain on such premises longer than is necessary for the purpose of obtaining reasonable refreshment,

commits an offence. (2) If the holder of a Licence (B) or a Night Club Licence, his servant or agent—


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