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“licensed person” means a person to whom a licence has been granted and is in force;

“licensed premises” means premises in respect of which a licence has been granted and is in force;

“licensing authority” means the persons appointed under section 4 to be the licensing authority for a licensing district and “the licensing authority” means the appropriate licensing authority for any licensing district;

“licensing district” means one of the licensing districts mentioned in section 3;

“medicinal wine” means wine intended primarily for use as a tonic or in connection with the bona fide treatment of invalid persons, the alcoholic content of which does not exceed 27% proof;

“members’ club” means a bona fide members’ club, whether or not incorporated, the members of which are not associated with a view to profit;

“mess” means any mess or canteen operated with the approval of the appropriate commanding officer for the use of members of Her Majesty’s Forces in Bermuda;

“Minister” means the Minister responsible for liquor licensing; “minor” means a person who is under the age of eighteen years;

“permitted hours” in relation to any licensed premises, means the permitted hours in accordance with section 29;

“police mess” means any mess operated with the approval of the Governor for the use of the members of the Bermuda Police Service;

“premises” includes any place in respect of which a licence has been granted under this Act for the provision and sale of intoxicating liquor;

“proprietary club” means a club operated on premises which are not licensed as an hotel under the Hotels (Licensing and Control) Act 1969 [title 17 item 2], the expenses of which are borne by a proprietor who receives the subscriptions of the members and in return therefor provides club facilities, including the supply of intoxicating liquor;

“servant” includes a clerk, or any person temporarily or otherwise employed, and either with or without wages;

“unlawful game” means any game of chance or of mixed chance and skill for winnings in money or moneys worth—

  • (a)

    which involves playing or staking against a bank, whether the bank is held by one of the players or not; or

  • (b)

    in which the chances, whether by reason of the nature of the game or the manner in which it is conducted, are not equally favourable to all the players; or


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